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Editorial: A New Home on the Web

With a new direction in mind, one that involves more news, sports, entertainment, lifestyles reporting and opinion – and faster – The Recorder is announcing the beginning of what we hope will be a steady and convenient transition to the Web for readers.

The print edition will still arrive Wednesday mornings, but the Web will be running on a daily cycle of constant content and will pick up where print leaves off. It’s no longer acceptable to move at the speed of paper – not when everyone else is moving at the speed of the Web.

This latest all-Web-friendly step is the latest development in The Recorder’s goal to provide more content, and a greater experience for readers in the last year. March of last semester marked the creation of our new Web site, one that we have experimented with over the last few months and will continue to do so as we search for ways to improve the newspaper. Beginning this semester, The Recorder will start the transition to a greater Web presence to become a Web and print news organization, not simply a newspaper with a Web site.

To accomplish this, the newspaper will be testing out organizational changes, even though if it does mean undoing and reworking how we prepare for print. For example, all stories, accompanied by multimedia when possible, will be posted to the Web site before print, and sometimes far ahead of it. The limitations of print, in timeliness and information, has prompted The Recorder to push for a greater Web presence in order to allow our readers to become viewers, listeners and CCSU community members to interact with the staff and newspaper content.

Though it seems sometimes the changes cannot come soon enough, it is not without a slight grief for print that we will work through the coming weeks to make the Web site our first priority. Shifting away from our print edition is inevitable, but this does not mean our paper is going on without quality. Our writers and editors have not relinquished their responsibilities to put out a good product every week, but wish to expand it by moving deeper online.

With the push for a more developed and accommodating Web site, The Recorder will also devote itself to expanding coverage of the stories that matter to the campus and adding supplemental multimedia.

The transition will allow for videos, extra commentary on our section editor’s blogs, photo slideshows, podcasts, audio clips and, more importantly, the opportunity for greater reader feedback. We want to know what you think and want to provide an easy way to tell us. Letters to the Editor are always appreciated, but readers should be able to submit a comment if they’d like, send us tweets, or even submit their own content.

In the coming weeks, The Recorder will take on the challenge of producing quality content online and in print and with a renewed commitment to readers and for their best interest. We look forward to hearing from our readers and responding with what they’d like to see more -or less of- as the transition to the Web picks up.