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Sitting Down with the SGA Presidential Candidates: Milan Rasheed Taylor

Interviewed by Melissa Traynor, Editor-in-Chief

Melissa Traynor: What do you think about the tuition increase?


Rasheed Taylor: I think that tuition increases aren’t good, but they’re needed especially in this economic state.


MT: How do you think that the tuition increase is going to benefit students?


RT: Prices and goods are going up, so it’s necessary for the university to fill in the gaps. Based on the previous question, this one kind of answers itself in the last one.


MT: What flaws do you see in the Senate?


RT: The flaws that I see in the Senate is the lack of communication between the entire student body and the Senate itself.

The mere fact that a lot of students don’t know what SGA stands for. They think it stands for straight-gay alliance and that jus shows that we as a Senate hasn’t been doing a good enough job of getting our names out there, getting ourselves out there. That’s one of the things I would do as SGA President – just let people know what SGA is and what our duties as an SGA, pretty much.

MT: What I was going to ask was how do you plan to fix it, but you sort of already answered that… How do you plan to fix that, in specifics?


RT: One of the best things, of course, right now is Facebook and I would create a Senate SGA help-desk, where we would invite everyone that we know who goes to Central and instead of people actually going to the meetings and voicing their concerns they could actually voice their concerns on the discussion boards, the walls. We could also hold town hall-style meetings, like once every month on different topics, just so we could get our faces out there because an effective government is one that people know. If you don’t know who your government is, it’s clearly not an effective government.