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Make Money Cleaning Out Your Closet


by Brennah Dallaire

Each year we ditch the old for the new, spending another fortune on the latest trends of the season. With these tips, you can put some money back in your pocket before you run out and buy those new sneakers.


Get Motivated

Grab a cup of coffee and turn the music on. The caffeine and good tunes will give you that extra motivation to purge all of the unworn clothing taking up space in your closet, and turn it into extra cash in your wallet. The best way to go about this process is to take an item out, then decide if it is a “keep” or “sell” item. Lay the “keep” items out on your bed and neatly fold the “sell” items, putting them in a garbage bag or reusable tote.


Ask Yourself The Important Questions

Deciding if an item is “keep” or “sell” is the hardest part. Here are a few tips to guide you to making a decision.

1. Is it a staple piece, meaning, is it timeless and can you pair it with many different outfits? If the answer is yes, throw it in the “keep” pile. If it is a trendy piece that your not sure is still in style, let it go, it’s a “sell”.

2. When was the last time you wore the item? If you have not worn the item in over a month, consider putting it in the “sell” pile. If it’s been three months or longer, it’s definitely a “sell” item.

3. Take a look at the pile of “sell” items. Make sure they are gently worn. They should have no holes, snags, or stains on them. They shouldn’t be older than a year a half.


Set Aside the High Ticket Items

Take a look at the pile of “sell” items one more time. Are there any designer or high end pieces? If so, set those pieces aside. If they are in excellent condition, you may want to put a little more effort in and sell them on a specialty site like Tradesy, Poshmark or Ebay. It is more work to set up an account, write a description and wait for a buyer. But if you get close to what you paid for the item originally, it will definitely be worth it.


Find Your Favorite Buy/Sell Service

Plato’s Closet is the easiest place to sell your gently used clothes. To sell, they require a valid photo ID. They take items that are up to 1.5 years old. The store will resell your items for 50-70% of what the item sold for at its original price, and you are given 30-40% of that, said Enfield Plato’s Closet Associate, Laura Kuphal. If the total of your sold items amounts to $40 or more, you will be paid by check. If the total is less than $40 you will be paid in cash, Kuphal said. Plato’s Closet does buy accessories including hats, headbands, belts, necklaces and jewelry (excluding body jewelry). Plato’s Closet excepts authentic designer brands including Coach, Michael Kors and Dooney and Bourke. Specially, trained employees verify that designer bags and accessories are authentic. Plato’s Closet offers a military discount, as well as a stamp card. Each stamp represents a $10 transaction, whether it be for buying or selling. Once you fill your stamp card, you can use the card as a 20% off coupon.

You will see the largest return on those high ticket items that were set aside in the purging process on a specialty site like Tradesy. Tradesy is an online marketplace to buy and sell gently used brand name clothing. The site boasts “Selling on Tradesy is Simple.” After creating an account, you can post the items you would like to sell. Tradesy will even enhance your photos to help them sell. Worried about the stress of shipping your items after they sell? Don’t be. According to, when you make a sale, Tradesy will send you a “pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping kit, complete with beautiful packaging.”  Tradesy will take a 14.9% commission. Access your earnings using PayPal, a debit card or an ACH transfer. Make sure your items are 100% authentic before listing them. If they are not, a buyer can flag the item. If a buyer returns an item they purchased from you, Tradesy will take care of the refund, unless it is because it was not as you described. If your item is not as you described or is not authentic, you as the seller will be charged back for the refund.


Cash It In 

Do you need some convincing to spend the time cleaning your closet out and selling your clothes? Shown here is a receipt from my personal transaction at Plato’s Closet. I brought in a small reusable tote full of my gently used clothes I haven’t worn in months. The proof is in the purchase. I purge my closet and sell at Plato’s Closet often, so this haul wasn’t as grand as some. See my receipt. Plato’s Closet offered me $21.90 for my clothes. There was a clearance sale happening in store, and I purchased two Old Navy shirts and an Old Navy skirt from there Summer 2016 inventory for $3.80. I left with $18.10.


Straight to Donation

The most important guideline to abide by is that anything you don’t sell at Plato’s Closet goes to donation. Plato’s Closet in South Windsor will take your unsold clothes and donate them for you. Call other locations to confirm they offer a similar service. Don’t put something you don’t wear back in your closet. The goal is minimalism, a decluttered closet and money is your pocket. If it has been over a month and you haven’t sold an item on one of the specialty sites mentioned, try selling the high ticket item at Plato’s Closet.


Enjoy Your Cash & Closet

You may have a favorite local thrift store in mind to sell to. That will work as well, but be aware of the commission they take.

Inside tip: Shop your items around. Inventory at used clothing stores are different, and will need different pieces or accessories. If some items don’t sell at one store, bring your haul to another before dropping it off at a donation drop box.



Consumer Expenditure Surveys from 2013 show the average spending per year of people under 25-years-old is $1513.00 . For a college student, that is a decent chunk of change. The saying “it takes money to make money” is true when you can make money off the clothing you’ve already purchased. Purge items from your closet as soon as you feel it getting cluttered. Try it at the beginning or end of every season.

Holiday Style Guide: Dress to Impress this Holiday Season

by Erin O’Donnell

If you’re going to a family gathering this holiday season or out with friends for New Years Eve, it can be tricky to decide what to wear. Here are some suggestions on how to dress warm in the winter weather, while still looking chic.

If you’re spending Christmas at home with family and loved ones, a simple festive colored sweater looks great with everything. For a classic look, go for a white collared shirt under a red or green sweater. Sweaters with sparkles stitched into it add more glamour to the look. A cardigan sweater is nice to wear over a velvet dress and solid black tights. A sweater with a pattern like snowflakes, sometimes called an “ugly Christmas sweater,” are very popular and can easily be found at thrift stores. At family Christmas parties, there is usually a lot of eating, drinking and chatting, so you’ll want to be comfortable. Skip the uncomfortable skinny jeans and opt for leggings or a loose fitting skirt. The comfier the better, because with family, it’s time to relax during the holidays together.

On New Years Eve, it can be a magical night out with friends or even just staying home with loved ones watching the ball drop. If you decide to go out, try for something a little dressier and festive. Delicate fabrics like silk look beautiful at night. Wearing a silk top with a skirt and jacket is a great look for a night out. Sequin dresses and tops are popular every year on New Years Eve. They look great if you’re going out to a bar or to a friend’s house to countdown the night. If you decide to wear the sequin dress or top, try keeping the rest of your outfit subtle so it’s not overpowering. A black skirt or pants can streamline the look and balance out the loudness of the sequins. Definitely grab a jacket because it’s usually a cold night. A black leather jacket is a great way to toughen up a feminine dress, and a classic way to complete your night out look.

If you and friends are feeling adventurous and decide to go to New York City for the New Years Eve ball drop in Times Square, that’s a different story. Don’t dress for style but for comfort and warmth. Layers are key here! I personally have gone to the ball drop in New York City to ring in 2012 and it’s quite an ordeal, but worth it. You arrive by train by 10 a.m.,  make it over to Times Square by noon and that is when they start letting the public into the barricades. You’ll go through extensive security checks and metal detectors, once you’re in the barricades you cannot leave, be sure to pack a few light snacks. It’s a long 12 hours standing in the cold and sometimes in the rain or snow, but it’s an incredible experience you can’t get anywhere else. Certainly dress warm with a lot of layers, hats and gloves. Make sure to wear warm, weatherproof footwear, that can still be worn out for drinks after midnight.

No matter what you do this holiday season, there will surely be an outfit for you to wear that will be stylish and keep with the festive spirit.

Winter Fashion

by Erin O’Donnell

The dipping temperature at Central Connecticut has sent many students indoors. For those brave enough to leave your dorm and venture outside, try keeping it chic with the new trends of the winter 2015 – 2016 season.

Nothing says warm like a cable knit sweater. Layer up with a large oversized sweater with skinny black jeans or leggings. The slimness of dark pant will balance out the bulk of the sweater and it’s as comfortable as pajamas.

Turtlenecks and “dickeys” have made a huge comeback this fall season and they’ll stick around for the winter months as well. Pairing a sliming black turtleneck under a heavy coat offers a warm alternative to a basic hoodie. Mixing patterns is stylish, as long as it’s not overpowering. Try to keep one or the other by using two different patterns in the same color palette so they don’t clash.

The classic collared button up is a classic that will never go out of style. Yet, it can be worn to morning brunch with mom then to a job interview that afternoon, and even later to drinks with friends that night. Day to night options are the best for college students due to their busy schedules not allowing for three outfit changes in one day.

Bundle up with long outerwear. We’ve been seeing more knee length and calf length peacoats, blazers, vests and cardigans on the racks more than ever. This trend is multi-purposeful by keeping you warm while still looking put together.

Of course, chunky knit scarves are always in style. To spice it up, try one in a flannel pattern over a solid outfit. This classic look will stand out while keeping you warm. Accessories like scarves are versatile because they can also be worn in several different ways while still functioning. You can wrap one around your neck for warmth, or even around your arms like a shawl, and still look great.

Hats are an ever growing trend this season, with the always popular beanie in the lead. They’re cheap, come in every color and give an edgy vibe to any polished outfit.

Boots are ride or die for this season, especially combat boot styles are best for the upcoming winter months. They can trudge through snow and are far more durable and stylish than UGGs. Another option are knee-high boots. Black suede is a nice way to pull off this trend with a skirt and sweater. Even go for the thigh-high boot, they can both be worn with almost anything in your closet while extenuating long legs.

When you’re not feeling the boots, athletic sneakers are a great option as outerwear and is very trendy even for winter. Just throw on some more layers than you would from the summer, this look can be dressed up depending on the shoe. I’m a fan of wearing cute gym clothes to class like leggings, sneakers and a fleece sweater. I’ll still be able to express my personal style without sacrificing comfort.

Culture and Clothing Meet at ‘Views From the 860’

by Analisa Novak

Central Connecticut’s Fashion Design Club held a fashion show properly titled “Views From The 860,” Friday in Welte Theater.

“This is a different type of fashion show. This is a fashion show for the 860,” host and emcee Nigel “SwizzySuede” Jessamy said at the start of the show. Welte Theater was almost at capacity for this event as many CCSU students and alumni showed their support for these up-and-coming designers.

“It’s not about what you wear. It’s about how you wear it,” emcee Jesselica Rodriguez said, pumping up the crowd. The show opened up with designer Taj Mirage which brought an artistic view of the four elements. Models were painted with body paint and dressed to depict either earth, fire, air or water.

The show had a couple of musical acts to accompany the models. Rapper and designer Sogni performed an opening rap about how he is following his dreams. Popular local artist DJ Meechie from “Hot 93.7,” provided the music for the models to walk the runway.

The fashion show brought a combination of casual street wear and high-end couture pieces. One of the more multicultural collections was CCSU student Dillon Milardo’s “First Twelve,” which was influenced by his life and love of sports. “Our collection is based more on experience of life. It’s not just one genre. I like to say it’s the journey of life and different experiences and different cultures we come across. We merge them into one to create our own world,” said Milardo.

“First Twelve” brings an athletic look with a modern twist. “A lot of our influences are soccer and sportswear because there is a lot of international influence in soccer. It’s a worldwide sport so we like to use cues for that,”said Milardo. His collection is named after Milardo’s suite number at James Hall. It was started in 2011 and has been featured in Complex magazine and Soccer Bible.

Bringing elegance to the show was designer Dominick Daniels, a photographer and designer who emphasized the beauty of all shapes and sizes. The design featured a variety of pant suites, coats and dresses with a high-end material.

A natural and holistic approach to fashion was the stylish “Cleansing Moon Crotchet.” All “Cleansing Moon Crotchet” pieces are handmade and prepared with ethically sourced natural fibers. It featured an assortment of bohemian pieces, which included bell bottoms, scarves, leg warmers and skirts. The crowd’s favorite was the crocheted halter top that flattered the models.

Incorporating African culture to the program was “Touch Of Africa.” The line had a mix of tribal hats, dresses and backpacks and showcased unique prints and vibrant colors that are not common in the fashion world.

Overall, “Views From The 860” delivered in showing us that fashion is more than what we see at the mall. There are so many ways you can find your own sense of style by looking within yourself just as these designers did.

Student Style Spotlight

By Kiley Krzyzek

Make a statement this semester with combat boots. The military style lace up shoes are a huge trend right now, available in such a wide variety of designs that can be pulled off with pretty much any outfit.

Originally intended for soldiers, this style of shoe offers ample support and protection. They are comfortable on your feet and offer enough traction so you will not slip around.

Both guys and girls take note – combat boots are for everyone. The classic Doc Martens style shoes have evolved into a wardrobe staple, styles ranging from the classic black to a variety of floral prints. Embellished boots may have studs or be folded over.

Combat boots can be worn with dresses, jeans and anything in between. They will quickly become your go to shoe.

Kat Blair, a Junior at CCSU majoring in Theater, was spotted rocking combat boots with leggings. Her outfit is layered to perfection, with a floral print top under a cardigan, cinched at the waist with her belt. The solid emerald green cardigan makes it appropriate for winter, all the while balancing out the busy print and neutral colors. Kat’s grey socks accentuate her brown boots and accentuate the look very well.