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Central Students Discover What Is Stirring At Hugs And Mugs

by Venus Zahid

Pablo Picasso was not wrong when he said, “the purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

The Central Connecticut Arts and Crafts Club brewed some love at its “Hugs and Mugs” event last week . With about 20 people in attendance, the event was an open place to de-stress and take a breather from everyone’s daily routine of reviewing class material and doing homework.

All students are welcome to their events, not just members. Students were able to take a break and chill out with their friends while painting a mug and listening to music.

Kaitlyn Scott, a junior at Central found out about the event through the CCSU website. Before the event, she wasn’t aware of the club but after attending the event, she signed up for the email list and is excited to see what other events they will host.

Scott said this was a great event to unwind at.

“Personally, I’m a transfer student from UConn and this is a fun way to meet people and do something fun and for free,” Scott said.

Students don’t have to have any special skill in art to join the club or attend the events.

A student who attended the event said that her favorite event was, “the dream catchers because all of the frustration we had trying to make those, the struggling, that was funny.”

According to President of the Arts and Crafts Club, Liz Russo, and the secretary, Mackenzie Rossi, the idea of “Hugs and Mugs” came to be because they previously hosted events painting wine glasses and mason jars, and “it seemed only logical that mugs came next.”

Previously, the club has hosted events where students could make their own calendars, dream catchers, college survival kits, string art, tie-dye and much more. The club said their largest event was held on a Thursday night where they had about 90 people in attendance. Their main goal is to reach out to the Central community and help students de-stress in a fun and positive way, according to Russo and Rossi.

The club is currently trying to recruit more members. Specifically, they’re looking for people who are interested in looking to plan and promote events.

The Arts and Crafts Club meetings are held in the 1849 Room in the Student Center on Wednesdays at 7 p.m.