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CCSU’s Spring Week Wraps Up With Spring Concert

by Matt Balogh
To top off a week full of fun events for Central Connecticut State University’s annual Spring Week, was this year’s spring concert that ended the week with a bang.

Catering to a music taste centering around hip-hop and trap, CCSU put on a show with headliners Lil’ Yachty and Tory Lanez. Both fairly small artists currently, they have each been gaining more and more popularity in the past few years.

Along with an opening set of local and underground rappers, the show was jam packed with non-stop pumping hip-hop, accompanied by multi-colored flashing lights.

The openers tried to get the crowd going, playing covers of popular songs in hip-hop and a heavy reliance on crowd interaction.

After about an hour, Lil Yachty took the stage: trademark beaded dreds and all. The 19-year-old rapper lit up the stage, hyping the crowd by singing bits and pieces of his various songs.

With the audience warmed up, Yachty went into a performance of his hit “Wanna Be Us,” to which jumping and singing erupted within the room.

Performing songs like “I Spy” and “Peek-A-Boo,” Yachty kept the excitement going throughout the night, filling gaps between songs by addressing the crowd individually and often calling out certain people in the crowd.

Going with the monotonous “lil boat!” tagline that his backing DJ repeated between songs, Yachty appropriately tossed both opened and closed water bottles into the crowd.

To complete his set, Lil Yachty ended with his hits “Minnesota” and “1 Night.” Being his two most popular songs, other than his feature on D.R.A.M.’s “Broccoli,” the crowd peaked with excitement, following with a thunderous sing-a-long that Yachty finished off with.

Tory Lanez came on to close the night after Yachty. CCSU students speculated a cancellation from Lanez, based off his recent arrest for a charge of possession of a concealed weapon without a license. This charge, however, was dropped and Lanez was able to perform.

Tory Lanez played fan favorites to please the crowd, including “Traphouse” early on in the set, getting intimate with the crowd during the break. Lanez explained that he never made it out of high school and honored the crowd by expressing that they are doing well by going to school.

“Alright f*** all this sad shit,” Lanez shouted into his mic, signaling a shift in his setlist in an attempt to get the hype to spike once more-which worked.

Prior to starting the next song, Lanez challenged the “fellas” and the “ladies” to a game of who can be the loudest. The apparent winner of the duel would get the dedication of the next song. The beats drop, the crowd roared and it was a good time to release some steam.

“I love the artists. All I can say it was fun and I enjoyed it,” said senior Latisha Baker.

“This was my first concert ever, actually,” said Daniel Duong, a freshman that looked to get involved more on campus throughout his first year at Central. “I was happy to see that they managed to get someone who is pretty popular now.”

“This concert was the best one in years since Kendrick Lamar,” said sophomore Media Studies major Brandon Callender. “It was jam-packed, with energy from start to finish.”

Thanks to Central Activities Network and the Student Government Association on campus, this event could be made possible.

“A total of 10 representatives, five from CAN, five from SGA discuss our budget and who we can get,” said Chris Cappiello, former SGA Vice President.

While negotiating with an outside company that presents the artists, CAN and SGA made a list of the artists that their budget could manage, and from there, the pick was selected by general consensus.

Considering that almost every university in Connecticut has a spring concert around the same time, if not the same day, the list of artists can be scarce.

Eastern Connecticut State University happened to have their spring concert the same night as CCSU, which Cappiello believed could have affected the tickets sales.

ESCU had hosted Mac Miller, a popular rapper that has been around for a lot longer, based on past events, it is likely that the choices could have driven some people away.

“We sold about 2000 out of 3000 tickets,” explained Cappiello, citing the turnout for this year.

“I thought Lil Yachty was very high energy and fun to watch. He got the crowd going and even stopped a fight that happened in the crowd,” said Ashley Nafis, a freshman Education major.

“Overall, I thought the concert was good, said Christine Perry, a freshman Criminology major. “I’m a big fan of Tory Lanez and it was amazing to see him live, but I didn’t like how everyone was pushing and moshing because someone could of really gotten hurt. I think at one point a fist fight broke out. Security should have been a little more tighter,” said Perry.

Spring week events had been getting a large amount of attendance year after year. From comedy acts such as Dulce Sloan and hypnotist Jim Spinnato, to student-hosted events such as the Mr. CCSU competition, the week offers a delightful escape from projects and schoolwork that usually stresses most people out before finals.

Meet The A Capella Society: Fermata The Blue


Fermata the Blue’s first EP is now on iTunes and Spotify

by Jacob Carey

Fermata the Blue is an all-male A Capella group on Central Connecticut State University’s campus. They are a group of fun loving guys who enjoy to sing.

They are founded on the belief of brotherhood, as Tevin Jourdain, the group’s Assistant Director said, “we have a sense of comradery.” He further explained how an older brother can make fun of their siblings, but when someone else tries to, the older brother stops it, specifically what is to be expected from this group.

They are a very close group of guys that joke around with one another, while being there for each other as well. This fosters an environment that inspires creativity within the group, as no one feels that they are going to be judged. This allows the group as a whole to push the limits on what they do, and always attempt to try new things that will “wow” their audience.

Even though these guys love to goof off, when it comes time to perform, they know how to put on a show. They frequently start off their concerts with a comedic video created by the members of the group. On top of that, their music is well performed and hits an emotional core. They do an excellent job of picking an array of songs that displays their vast talent, while also taking their audience on a journey. On top of that, they are very particular about who they would like to arrange a piece, as they want to make sure the song gets proper treatment. They often will pick very popular tunes that pulls their audience in. Once they have control of their audience, they sing an incredibly emotional song that brings people to tears. They are not afraid to show their emotional side, which audiences love.

Looking to the future, they are excited to grow as a group by continuing to attend Boston Sings (BOSS), and possibly competing at the ICCA’s again. Additionally, they are looking to compete more in general. They hope to continue to get exposure so they can get feedback as a group, using those critiques and applying it to develop their sound. This is an important technique that they use to make sure that the group keeps a fresh sound, and to make sure that they continue to put on high quality shows.

The “Boys in Blue” recently released their first EP on iTunes and Spotify. They are currently trying to raise the money to record and release another EP in the future. Make sure to check out their EP, as well as follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Their next concert is Monday, Apr. 24 at 7:30 p.m. in Torp Theater. If you cannot make the concert or just want to hear more, you can also check them out on YouTube. If you are interested in auditioning, feel free to contact them, or go to the A Capella Society’s “Welcome Back Concert” in the Fall, and check out all the groups on campus and sign up for auditions.

Beecher Hall Presents 7th Annual Condom Carnival

by Matt Balogh

Catharine Beecher Hall is one of nine residence halls on Central Connecticut State University’s campus. Among the smallest of the buildings, it functions as co-ed housing for both upper and lower classmen. In the “down-the-hill” section of the campus, Beecher is the only co-ed residence hall that does not require an addition charge to housing, and is open to all grade levels.

Started in 2010, both the E-board and Beecher residents came up with a program to promote the practice of safe sex and the use of contraceptives, known as the Condom Carnival. The event primarily focuses on spreading a message of usage of condoms and the prevention of STDs.

Seven years later, the Beecher Hall E-board has brought back the idea to continue the annual event last Wednesday. “Along with continuing the tradition, this event is crucial for education on practicing safe sex, something that many college students may not know much about,” says Brian Ngork, Vice President of Beecher Hall. “People have enjoyed the program every year, and it’s always a great thing to see,” Ngork continued.

This year, both the RAs and E-board of Beecher Hall have set up many booths and games on Vance Lawn to go along with the theme. Beecher had reached out to other halls at the Inter-Residence Council (IRC) meeting, to which Sam May and Seth North Hall agreed to participate in.

Games were assembled to teach facts about STDs and contraceptives, such as a dart game in which the dart represents your chances when having sex of contracting an STD. If the dart hits a balloon with a specific color of beads in it, the colors correspond with a certain STD that you have a risk of getting.

With an attendance of over 350 people each year, Vance Lawn gets packed full of students playing games. Each booth provides the participant with a red ticket, various prizes, and condoms, of course. Once each person gets three tickets, they were allowed to get a free Condom Carnival shirt from the booth. Outside booths, such as participants from the ASAP Center, provided blue tickets for students to get free food with.

The event even included live music, as well as music provided by the campus radio station, WFCS. A cappella groups Fermata the Blue and Chromachord performed, along with rapper T-Hurt and Indie Rock band Static Charmer. The inclusion of live music helped attract people that happened to be walking by between classes, offering a wide variety of music so everyone could find something to enjoy.

“The Condom Carnival is a perfect way to interact with people from all parts of campus,” Beecher Secretary Sean Tarascio mentioned. “It is a real eye-opener to something that is usually considered a touchy subject.”

Fortunately, the bad weather had held off until the very end of the program. Compared to past Condom Carnivals, this one had been less windy, but also a lot less sunny. No news yet on if Beecher Hall plans on continuing the carnival for next year, but there is a strong possibility that the tradition will live on.

Meet The A Capella Society: The AcaBellas

by Jacob Carey

The Ladies in Blue are one of two all-female A Capella groups on campus here at Central Connecticut State University. They helped create the A Capella society, along-side Divisi a little over 10 years ago.

With a strong bond of sisterhood, these ladies do more than just sing together. They are a tight group of students that spend a lot of time with one another. They are a sisterhood, and singing is what unites them.

These ladies have worked extremely hard over the past few years to become the “don’t miss” group they are today. They have grown as a group and as individual musicians, as the group turned from learning music in rehearsal, to learning individually.

This allows for the members to focus on other parts of their music while they rehearse, rather than learning the music. This lead to their work ethic becoming stronger, which trickled down into other aspects of their work contributing to their incredible success.

Each member is dedicated to the groups progression and becoming the best that it has ever been. Through each year, they have been successful in that goal. This group has an uncanny knack of getting exponentially better with each performance. No matter the song, they are able to elevate it to the next level by adding a dose of the classic girly charm they are known for.

Despite being known for that charm, the AcaBellas are not afraid to take risks and try new sounds. This allows the group to evolve; one of the reasons the group has lasted so long.

They are excited to say they are releasing their very first EP soon. It consists of six songs that took years to make. It is only going to be released on ITunes, so make sure to check it out when it comes out. You can also search for them on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Auditions to be in the group for them next year are set for next month. Contact information and audition information will be available at their concert on May 3, at 7:30 in Torp Theater in Davidson Hall.

Dave Chappelle’s Exciting Reappearance Raises Questions

by Anthony Rivera

After a decade-long disappearance from comedy, famous comedian, writer and actor Dave Chappelle has made a huge comeback with his new debut specials on Netflix.

The 43-year-old, D.C.-based comedian grew his comedy career from minor comedy club circuits in New York City, to broadening his career by performing as Anchoo in Mel Brooks’ “Robin Hood: Men in Tights.” Since that role, Chappelle’s career skyrocketed to performing in front of mass audiences that followed and supported him for years to come.

During his time on his Comedy Central show, “The Chappelle Show,” he gained support and created a loyal fan base. The fans had been maintained for quite some time until an unfortunate incident with some conflict between fans that were heckling his recording of the shows, while Chappelle also felt mistreated by the management. After long deliberation, Chappelle chose to leave “The Chappelle Show” and retreat into a more self-reflecting state, spending time with his wife and three children.

Two specials were released on March 21 to reignite Chappelle’s career. The internet, radio, various other media outlets and people have different views as to how his demeanor has changed after his decade-long absence.

In his early years, Chappelle was heavily focused on race-driven comedy, along with the inclusion of current political issues, including police brutality and civil rights. Given that his reputation has naturally been a black and satirical comedian, the revival of his stand-up was anticipated with his natural prowess; high energy, quick bits, heavy political issues and black humor. Between two performances, however, he is very different from the young man who stood in front of a microphone to tell jokes at the young age of 19.

In the two-episode season released on Netflix, the first one was titled “The Age of Spin” and had a lot of transitions between jokes that represent his comedic style, especially his four anecdotes of meeting O.J. Simpson, which received high controversy due to the nature of the nation’s view of him. On one occasion when the allegation was first made, Chapelle shook his hand. When one of his representatives said to him, “How dare you shake hands with that murderer?” In Chapelle’s defense against his former representation, he responded by saying, “Miss… that murderer ran over 11,000 yards”.

Along with other jokes that reveal his inappropriate behavior that has been heard before, Chappelle has presented a side of himself that many have not seen. Chappelle truly revealed the intellect and wisdom that he has obtained over the years by expressing his social views. Multiple times during “The Age of Spin,” he chose to express his views on the homosexual community in a way that did not go against their sexual identities, but discussed the legal issues involving the recent laws and movements towards same-sex couples. By comparing it to the black community, Chappelle clearly outlined some very convincing and simply truthful points about asking for too much too quickly in the judiciary system.

In Chappelle’s second show, “Deep in the Heart of Texas,” Chappelle furthered views on certain social standards. During one bit, he speaks about when he attended a gallery and a transgender man was having trouble as he was under the influence. Chappelle came up to the group and asked if “he” was okay. Without skipping a beat, one of the men trying to assist the intoxicated man, who was wearing a dress, rudely responds to Chappelle saying, “SHE… is fine.” He prefaced his next part to the joke by reinstituting that anybody should be allowed to be whoever they feel as though they are on the inside. This lead the well-known comedian to respond to the men by saying, “Look, I’m sorry guys because… she looks terrible. She just fell off the bench… it appears her d*** is popping out of her dress.”

At the age of 43, Chappelle has a family, has diversified himself in more ways than one can imagine and shed some light on some of the very hard-to-talk-about topics that are current in American society. His acts of speaking freely and discussing his struggles along with those of Hispanics, homosexuals and women has shown his amount of growth and the dedication he puts into being genuine both on and offstage.

In regards to politics, Chappelle, like many others, believe that there will be a time where it will be nice to not have to talk about President Donald Trump simply because he won’t be on everyone’s minds. It will be very interesting to see Chappelle’s career evolve from this stage and hopefully, for fans like myself, it will bring great returns.

Meet the A Cappella Society: Divisi

by Jacob Carey

Brotherhood. That is the core of Central Connecticut State University’s oldest all-male a cappella group, Divisi.

No matter what member of the group you talk to, they always bring up the brotherhood and unity of the group. To these men, Divisi is more than a singing group. It is a place to express themselves in a comfortable environment; a family.

This foundation of brotherhood is incredibly important to the group. They pride themselves on being more than just a group of singers, but a family that will never forget one another. This brotherhood is united to spread the joy and love of their mutual passion of music.

When Divisi placed second in the quarterfinals in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella, the group was in total shock. They had not thought they were going to make it that far. There was a sense of surrealism for the group while they performed at the ICCA. With having hundreds, perhaps thousands of people watching them, the group was not nervous, but in awe of the experience that they are grateful to have. With their final concert in the books for this year, CCSU has to wait until the fall to see the award-winning Divisi perform again at the A Cappella Society’s Welcome Back concert.

Their spring 2017 concert was a hit. The group gave an incredible performance to a very large and enthusiastic crowd. With a surprise appearance by DANCEntral to close out the night, this concert was truly a production like no other.

Leading up to the concert, the group was excited to get on stage one more time. Their excitement was clear as they left it all on the stage; they held nothing back for the audience. For some of the members, it was the last concert they would perform on stage with Divisi.

This group is steeped in history. With each era, marked by the group’s director, they look to grow and improve. This adaptation is how the group has been able to continue for over ten years. With each passing year, the history of the group only gets richer.

Divisi has learned that, to have a successful group, they need members who are more than just good singers; each member has more to contribute which helps the group grow. For example, when recording an album, Divisi is able to keep the work in house, because they have members who can arrange music, record songs and produce the music. This impressive set-up allows for creative control to stay within the group.

Most importantly, each member fully believes in the brotherhood concept. The main foundation that the group is built on, having a group of guys who share that belief ensures that everyone will get along well — which also contributes to the group’s longevity.

This remarkable group has been around for a while, and shows no signs of leaving anytime soon. The foundation of brotherhood unites these men through the love of singing. If you are interested in auditioning to join Divisi next fall, keep an eye out for the Welcome Back Concert, where you can see them and all the other a cappella groups from CCSU perform, as well as sign up to audition. Divisi is currently in the process of recording their third studio album. Make sure to check them out on Spotify and iTunes.

A Very Grimm Curtain Call: Grimm’s Season Finale

by Nicolette Tartaglia

On October 28. 2011, the series “Grimm” premiered on NBC. Now, 6 years, 123 episodes, 131 Wesen and one Emmy later, the series has come to a close.

“Grimm” centers around a detective from Portland, Oregon named Nick Burkhardt. In the pilot episode, Nick’s dying aunt Marie Kessler comes to tell him about “the misfortune of their family.” He’s one of the last descendants of the Brothers Grimm, who wrote morbid fairytales about terrifying monsters. However, these stories were not fairytales, but rather warnings about real monsters called “Wesen” (pronounced “Vessen”).

When calm, Wesen look just like anyone else. When emotions run high, they transform into different animalistic beings or their true form. This is called a “Woge” (pronounced “Vogue”). No matter if they are trying to hide their Woge or not, Grimms can always see. Before Marie dies, she tells Nick that he “has to get the bad ones.”

Over the years, Nick learns about the Wesen world as he explores Marie’s Grimm books and befriends different types of Wesen. Legends such as El Cucui, La Llorena, and Krampus become a reality, and Nazi Germany is revealed to have been an attempt at a start to a world run by Wesen. He encounters different evil forces and organizations that kill Grimms. Because the Brothers Grimm were German, the overseas parts of the show are located in Germany and Austria.

An interesting aspect about this show is instead of taking out a chunk of the show’s timeline in between seasons, the upcoming season always starts up at the exact moment when the previous season ended. This leaves all of the issues that were occurring in the season before, the opportunity to continue right where they left off.

The stories within the show occasionally got lost, as Nick continued fighting Wesen. But the mysterious keys that were seen in the pilot episode finally circle back at the show’s 100th episode, “Into the Schartzwald,” when Nick and his friend Monroe travel to Germany to find the lost treasure Nick’s ancestors buried during the Crusades. From then on, the show takes a turn for the darkest and most important story yet: The End. Everything that had been happening came around in full circle in the final season. An ancient apocalyptic prophecy was coming to pass, and Nick was in the center of it all.

There was a fight that looked like it would leave Nick alone, but then the show had its final plot twist: the potential depressing ending turned into a happy one. This now leaves speculation for the show to continue with Nick and his family, or a spinoff with some of the supporting characters.

Whatever the future holds for the show, it will always be remembered by Grimmsters who valued their Friday nights sitting down and watching what their favorite Grimm was going to do next.

Dreamworks’ Captain Underpants Movie Gains Anticipation Of Old Fans

Image result for captain underpants movie 2017

by Matt Balogh

Strewn throughout Scholastic book fairs in hundreds of elementary schools in the early 2000s, were collections of Dav Pilkey’s series “Captain Underpants.”

These novels featured a story of two young friends, George and Harold, that share a love of pulling school pranks and writing comic books. They eventually find a way to hypnotize their corrupt school principal into acting like one of their comic book characters, Captain Underpants.

The books usually involve a quirky monster based off of a school faculty member that the boys share a dislike towards, turning them into either aliens-like creatures or powerful villains.

Since 1997, Dreamworks had been trying to get Dav Pilkey on board for a film adaption of his popular books, which left Pilkey skeptical of the idea. Earlier this month, Dreamworks released the official trailer for the “Captain Underpants” movie adaption. To the surprise of many fans, the film seems to capture a strong grasp on the goofy toilet humor and quirkiness that the books provided.

In a constant battle of animation between Pixar and Dreamworks, it seems that Pixar always takes the top chair in the eyes of critics. Dreamworks usually spans across all types of animation, and also picked up various books to make films adaptions for.

Around 2013, Dav Pilkey finally gave the company permission to make an adaption after seeing how the film adaptions of How To Train Your Dragon turned out in theaters.

While presumably reliving the classic characters and villains from the books, it is not clear whether or not the movie follows a plot-line strictly to a specific book, as it seems to pick and choose pieces from each of the series.

The trailer showed a fair amount of action and seemed to sum up the situation of the story quite thoroughly, as it explains both a quick back story of the boys and how they manage to convert their principal into the title character. As no implication as of now suggests otherwise, the film could introduce an entirely new story to the universe of Captain Underpants.

With voice acting provided by Ed Helms and Kevin Hart, their comedic charm will waste no time bringing laughs into the film. Having a plot full of child-like jokes and humor, there will probably no surprise with the amount of one-liner jokes. Hopefully the voice acting will bring the characters to life in a way to do the original books justice.

Along with new movies like Power Rangers, new generations of kids are being introduced to various series from the 1990s. Since the first release of “Captain Underpants” in 1997, Pilkey went on to write eleven more books to continue the story across the next decade.

In this case, not only will the new generations be excited for what may seem like an entirely new concept to them, fans of the old books are going to be in line for the film as well.

All Time Low Takes Experimental Shift with New Single

by Thomas Redding

All Time Low is a pop punk band that originated in Baltimore, Maryland, formed in 2003. They have been a part of Hopeless Records for most of their career, but will now be releasing their upcoming album on Fueled By Ramen Records, which is also the home of bands such as: Paramore, Panic at The Disco, Young The Giant, and Twenty One Pilots. They announced this surprise record label switch just a day before the new single and music video for the single was released on Feb. 17. Based on fan reviews of the new single, there is excitement in this change of sound for the band, giving them assurance that the label change was the right choice for them.

Their new single, “Dirty Laundry” sounds somewhat experimental for the band. Typically known for pop-punk hits like, “Dear Maria Count Me In,” this song takes a different route for the first half. They are starting to add more electronic features with the release of each preceding album, and are speculated to head towards a total pop sound. This new track is still a song you can jam out to, yet the verses and first two choruses are softer and more eerie than anything the band has released before. The electric guitars don’t kick in until the last chorus, giving it a burst of energy. This ending gives it a small trace of the pop-punk genre that their albums once consisted of.

The band had mentioned that there was some experimenting being done during the recording process, which is understandable for a band that is now close to 15 years old. They are looking for something different to play live, while also trying to market themselves and differentiate themselves in a highly formulaic genre. So far, fan reactions to the track have been mostly positive, and the pre-order merchandise bundles have been selling fast. These sales further the notion of success with the experimentation in the upcoming album.

Some believe that this track may just be one of its kind, and that there will still be pop-punk songs on the album. There is a chance of this, and that would be quite interesting to hear a wide range of sounds coexist cohesively on their album. However, each of All Time Low’s albums have a distinct sound. One can tell the difference between albums almost right away, so one might assume that this album will have similar sounding tracks to that of “Dirty Laundry.” This is most likely to happen because the first single typically is a summary of what the album will sound like.

Overall, fans are quite excited to see a “new” All Time Low. Their previous album, “Future Hearts” debuted at number two on the Billboard 200, selling 75,000 copies in its first week. It’s expected to see around the same, if not more. While All Time Low isn’t necessary “mainstream,” they can sell out stadiums fairly easily. Their fans are typically “die- hard fans” that will pay almost $200 to see them. For a band in the pop-punk genre, they are on the high end of popularity and recognition.

All Time Low is about to embark on a large tour this summer, hitting almost every House of Blues venue across the United States, along with some large concert halls along the way. The closest stop for anyone around here would be in New York City on July 31, at the Central Park Summerstage. Their new album, “The Last Young Renegade” will be available June 6, and pre-orders are available on iTunes and at I would rate this track an 8/10.

blink-182 Announces Deluxe Edition Album with New Songs


by Matt Balogh

After the release of their album “California” last July, blink-182 had been met with all types of attention: among the band’s fan base, the new followers, and the unforgiving group of fans that bash any post-Tom Delonge recordings. Delonge was blink’s former guitarist, co-lead vocalist and founding member of the band. After complications with scheduling for an upcoming album between the band members, the unthinkable had happened for the group.

Delonge had notified the group that he was leaving to focus on his own projects around mid-2014, leaving the band without their guitarist. Soon after, Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio filled in, and later was confirmed a full-time member of the band.

Considering Alkaline Trio’s style in the punk rock genre, fans expected blink to completely return to their roots in energetic fast punk music. As a very talented guitarist and vocalist, Skiba fit in perfectly, but fans had grown upset over the absence of Delonge’s signature slurred vocals.

“California” gave the band a massive popularity spike and even earned them their first Grammy nomination for Best Rock Album. Compared to their past albums, this one lacked in strong songwriting. The songs were catchy, however, very basic and songs didn’t differ much from track to track.

Under the production of Goldfinger’s John Feldmann, the 16-track album seemed to feature a little too much filler. The 30-second joke tracks seemed to only be placed in there just to get old fans off their back about losing their sense of humor. The album did spawn a handful of solid songs that will work very well blended in will their usual live set-list.

To promote the release of the upcoming deluxe edition of “California,” the band had released a new single, “Parking Lot.” The song is more upbeat, in the vein of “Cynical,” appealing to the band’s old fans who crave Travis Barker’s faster drumming. With lyrics putting even more “west-coast glorification” into the album, the band doesn’t cover any new ground. A nice homage was paid to Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi” was paid in the chorus lyrics, adding a quirky spin on it.

The deluxe edition adds 12 extra songs to the album, making it worth the money. Pre-orders will be available through the band’s official site, expected to be released May 19.