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Game Of Throne’s Premier Refuses to Answer the Largest Question

by Dillon Meehan

It has been a long eight months, but Game of Thrones is finally back. Fans were forced to sit and wait, with some turning to Reddit and other messaging boards to discuss the various plot lines that were left unanswered at the end of season five.

For fans of the show who have not yet caught up, stop reading now, as this article will contain major spoilers not only about season six, but of prior seasons as well.

HBO has made sure to milk the death of Jon Snow for all that it is worth. In the winter, the teaser poster was released which only featured a picture of Snow and season six’s release date.

When the first trailer was released, it was a camera zooming in on the dead body of Snow lying in the bloody snow, with the sign “Traitor” nailed above him; sunday’s premiere started with the same exact shot.

The premiere was properly titled “The Red Woman,” named after Melisandre, the woman who every crackpot Reddit conspirator believes will be responsible for bringing back Jon Snow.

The Red Priestess had spent a handful of season’s convincing Stannis Baratheon that he will become King, to the point that he even sacrificed his daughter by burning her at the stake at the end of season five.

However when Melisandre’s prophecy does not come true, fans believed that her God the “Lord of the Light,” was nothing more than a scam.

But the final scene of Sunday’s premier served one purpose: to show the true power of the Lord of Light, and how much power all Red Priests and Priestess’ have.

Apart from the disgusting final image that all Thrones fans were forced to sit through, there was another scene involving Melisandre that was nearly as interesting. Davos is now pushed into a corner with his life on the line and will be forced to essentially weaponize her in order to save his own life and resurrect Jon Snow.

The fear amongst most fans was that Jon Snow’s resurrection would not be done in the first episode and in typical Thrones fashion, would take half the season. With one episode down, a mere suggestion of him coming back has yet to be muttered by a single person.

With so many other plot lines currently in full swing, there is a good chance that this will be dragged along for multiple episodes until Sansa, and most likely Bran all join together at Castle Black.