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Celebrate National Ice Cream Cone Day

by Christina Stelly

National Ice Cream Cone Day is a day to celebrate the wonderful invention of the ice cream cone; a portable, delicious wafer cone that will holds your favorite flavored ice cream.

Students can celebrate National Ice Cream Cone Day on Friday, September 22. And lucky for students and faculty of Central Connecticut State University; campus is located near some popular ice- cream shops including Your Sweet Central, Frisbee’s Dairy Barn, and Milkcraft. If you don’t feel like going out, pick up a pint of Ben & Jerry’s “Americone Dream”.

There is some debate over who invented the ice cream cone but the earliest versions of a cone were displayed in French textbooks in the 1820’s. However, according to the International Dairy Foods Association, St. Louis was the first town to embrace the invention and capitalize on the ice cream cone.


As the modern ice cream cone developed, there emerged two different types of cones. The first one was a rolled waffle cone, baked in a round shape and rolled. The second type was created by pouring batter into a mold, baking it and then taking it out of the mold.

In the 1920’s, the cone industry expanded and production reached 245 million. In 1928, Nabisco began to sell ice cream cones.

Students already have plans for how they will be celebrating this special day.

“I would celebrate national ice cream day at Milkcraft,” student Alicia Voyer said. “The location just opened a few months ago in West Hartford, but it’s a little expensive and I told myself I would only go for a special occasion, and that seemed like a reason to celebrate.”

Those who commute from further away might be celebrating at non-local places.

“I won’t have a chance to celebrate national ice cream cone day, but I plan on celebrating it a couple days late at Salem Valley Farms in Salem,” graduate student, Samantha Burroughs said. “Their ice cream is amazing!”

Today, there are many types of ice-cream cone including: sugar, waffle, bubble, chocolate dipped, and pretzel, gluten free and vegan. There’s a cone for every preference.

Celebrate the day by posting pictures of your ice cream cone with the caption #NationalIceCreamConeDay.