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SGA and CAN Part Ways For Spring Concert

by Sarah Willson

After four years of working together on Central Connecticut State University’s Spring Concerts, the Student Government Association and the Central Activities Network will no longer be working together for the upcoming 2018 concert.

Caitlin Moreau, president of CAN, announced the decision at last week’s SGA meeting due to what is believed to have been communication issues between the two parties.

According to Moreau’s statement at the SGA meeting, CAN felt as if the SGA’s decision to allocate money for the concert was not taking place in a timely manner, ultimately causing a time concern and impacting the chosen artist to perform.

“You guys ran out of time to even hear the request I brought forth and I need strong partnerships,” Moreau said. “We have come to this decision [to work alone on the Spring Concert].”

Moreau also stated that she believed the “interworking’s of SGA has also been a problem,” stating that the SGA “cannot bring that influence into CAN.”

“We have been working hard on rebuilding CAN,” Moreau added. “The direction SGA is going in is affecting us.”

According to Brendan Kruh, president of the SGA, CAN’s decision to part ways with the SGA came as a surprise.

“[The] SGA was not provided the opportunity to discuss the matter and was informed abruptly by CAN that they would be choosing to do the Spring Concert on their own after almost two months of collaboration,” Kruh said.

When asked about the reason as to why CAN decided to part ways with the SGA, Kruh said he and his colleagues were given two answers.

“The first was that CAN felt that SGA’s decision-making process to allocate money was taking too long and was causing a time concern,” Kruh said. “The second is that they stated that they believed the SGA would benefit from less pressures, such as the Spring Concert.”

According to Kruh, the reason behind “elevating pressures” is due to the fact that “certain senators” were not actively advocating to pursue the concert.

“The overlap between two CAN e-board members serving on the Spring Concert committee as CAN e-board members and also holding the position of senator may have [also] caused some individuals to feel the emotions of each organization more than as if they were in just one,” Kruh said.
Kruh did not provide any reason as to why CAN would have a reason to believe the process to allocate money was taking too long, as he stated that he did “not believe that the time process was an issue.”

Damar Britto, Vice President of Recruitment and Retention for CAN and Chair of the Student Life Committee for the SGA agreed with Kruh, but also believed there were other issues at hand to have triggered the separation.

“The behavior of the Senate itself have seemed to affect the SGA representatives and also the decisions made within the Senate floor,” Britto said. “SGA has [also] been having a decent amount of internal matters that are starting to spill on the Senate floor, which takes time away from the matters on our agenda.”

More than anything, both Kruh and Britto said that this was not an easy decision and there are no hard feelings between the two parties. The SGA looks forward to working with CAN in the future if permitted.