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Mini Golf Course Vandalized

by Jessica Lappen

The new mini golf course in the James Hall Garden was viciously vandalized several times last week.

“It’s a shame. The university tried to make something really nice for the students,” said Sargeant Jerry Erwin of the Central Connecticut State University Police Department.

The vandalism included the destruction of decorations on multiple holes. The ornaments used for decoration were forcibly removed, leaving only a few remaining.

“There are a few people who are misusing it, vandalizing it and stealing things from it,” Erwin said. “There is a few people out there, [possibly] coming back from off campus social activities, that are causing damage to it.”

“This is very frustrating and sad,” history professor Matthew Warshauer said in an email to faculty on behalf of the recent vandalism to the mini golf course. “There is always a jerk or two who want to ruin what others create.”

The James Hall Garden was built for students to enjoy; it includes hammocks, a patio, sitting area and a mini golf course.

Warshauer constructed the mini golf course over the summer with the help of student workers.

CCSU held an opening reception to celebrate the opening of the James Hall Garden on Sept. 27. The event included a barbeque and anyone was welcome to play mini golf.

Although the majority of the mini golf course is still intact and usable, Warshauer is still disappointed to see it deliberately destroyed by students only weeks after its opening.

The mini golf course has provided entertainment for students and administers an environment to have fun and meet new people.

Students were disheartened about the vandalism. A James Hall first-year-resident, Cody Runkle, spoke about the incident.

“People should respect what is done for them and not ruin something that the school spent time and money making for us,” Runkle said.

Students, including Joseph Reilly, who is an avid golf player, are also disappointed in the vandalism and believe that further actions should be put in place to those who contributed to the defacing of school property.

Initially there were no leads as to who vandalized the mini golf course, however “RA’s in one of the dorms [in James Hall] were doing fire inspections and found a number of items from the mini golf course,” Warshaeur informed.

Erwin mentioned the little budget Central has this year and how having to replace things students take for granted is horrible.

As of now, there is no information available as to whether the students will face punishments.

Despite the vandalism, the golf course is still available for students to use, and they can get golf balls and clubs from Beecher Hall, located across from the James Garden.

Along with the new hammocks and patio, the addition of the mini golf course is a way to give CCSU students a chance to have fun with each other.

In response to the incident, CCSU Police informed they plan on adding patrols to the area, especially on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. They are also considering adding cameras to overlook the mini golf course.