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Four Jumped On Fastrak Near CCSU

Four individuals were mugged at the Cedar Street CTFastrak station on the night of St. Patrick’s Day when coming back from downtown Hartford; two were Central Connecticut State University students. Photo credit:

by Lorenzo Burgio

One person was jumped, one had a phone stolen and another got punched in the face at the Cedar Street CTfastrak station on the night of St. Patrick’s Day.

A trip back to New Britain from downtown Hartford resulted in two Central Connecticut State University students and two friends getting mugged.

Two minors, who are not CCSU students, were charged with sixth-degree larceny, breach of peace and interfering with an emergency call. They were later given juvenile summonses and released.

After parking at the East Street station in New Britain and getting on the CTfastrak, three females and one male arrived in downtown Hartford at approximately 10:30 p.m.

“Since what happened at Angry Bull, all the bars are strict. My friends’ fakes wouldn’t work anywhere, so we decided to leave,” said one of the three females, unwilling to be named, citing concerns for safety.

Half an hour later, the four friends got back on a Hartford CTfastrak bus to go back to New Britain. About 15 minors allegedly entered the bus at the next stop also in Hartford, said the woman.

The woman allegedly knew one of the individuals and he greeted her with a hug. The group of girls he was with, who were allegedly under the influence of alcohol, then became aggressive towards her.

“They started throwing glass bottles at us inside the bus while the bus was moving,” the woman alleged. She relocated to the front of the bus as her friends held the aggressive group of juveniles back. “The bus driver was doing nothing. She was letting it happen and continued driving.”
After approximately ten minutes, the bus stopped at the Cedar Street station in Newington, one stop away from their car at the East Street station. The woman said the group decided to get off because it was closer to the CCSU Police Department.

“The bus driver gave us a head start. She opened the doors for us and then shut them right after, but then [the bus] sat there,” the woman alleged, adding that as she was running away from the bus, the group of juveniles were banging on the bus’ windows.

The woman said she and another friend were approaching the Newington side of Fenn Road near Starbucks, and their two friends were on the New Britain side of the road, when she realized the group of juveniles were following them.
“The first two girls came running at me, and I’m trying to get away from them. Then three more girls came; they just surrounded me,” alleged the woman, who was thrown to the ground and hit until a friend pulled her up, according to the police report.
The minors then ran up to the other two friends across the street and punched the male in the face, pushing him into the snow, the woman alleged.
The woman was mugged in Newington and the male friend was punched in New Britain, alleged the woman, explaining that she and a friend were on the phone with police at this point.

When one of the juveniles realized the police were being called, they allegedly stole her friend’s cell phone and ran away, said the woman.

According to the police report, Sgt. Ramon Baez had just finished his shift and was exiting the building when he noticed several young females running into the lobby of CCSU Police Department.

The women informed Officer Rafael Rodriguez and one other officer they were victims of a robbery that occurred on the CTfastrak terminal on Fenn Road when Baez noticed two suspects behind the Dollar General, stated the report.
He watched the suspects as they began walking westbound on Wells Street, until they saw the cruiser and began running eastbound, at which point Baez pursued them on foot, ordering them to stop and identifying himself as a CCSU police officer, according to the police report.
As one suspect was being detained by Baez outside the East Hall Parking Lot until New Britain Police arrived, Rodriguez got to the scene, according to the report.

New Britain officers apprehended the second suspect in the front entrance of James Hall on Paul Manafort Drive, according to the report. The juveniles were placed under the custody of state police who are conducting further investigations.

“They caught the two males involved and put everything on them, because they didn’t catch any of the girls,” alleged the woman.

CTfastrak buses and stations are well lit with cameras and usually crime-free, other than problems associated with large groups of college students on certain nights, CTtransit general manager David Lee told The Hartford Courant.