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CCSU’s Management Information System Club

by Shwar Zaidi

Management Information Systems is a very broad field, which ultimately trains people to become leaders of Information Technology teams at companies. This includes managing projects and data analysis, and also addresses working with the different people of a company to figure out business needs, helping users adjust to a new system and figuring out how to implement the new system.

The MIS Club here at Central Connecticut serves as an extension for out-of-the-classroom MIS enrichment and has recently started to get back on track.

“The MIS Club at Central was here, but not very active when I started,” Michael Stielau, president of the MIS Club, said. “When we started with the club this year, we basically started from nothing. However, we are reforming our strategies and getting back on track. Our club is amazing, not only do we like to talk about MIS-related topics, but we have different events, mostly related to skill and career building. We hope that this will benefit not only MIS students, but eventually the rest of the CCSU campus.”

An event held back on March 29 showed just that: MIS enrichment in action. That day’s discussion was about cyber-security and the guest speaker’s real-world experience. The club has hosted various activities before, such as resume clinics, a LinkedIn clinic and an Excel clinic. The club has also brought in Aetna to discuss potential career opportunities. MIS club recently hosted an Advanced Excel clinic on April 5, discussing advanced Excel topics.

Not only is the club looking to host events on campus, but the club is also looking to serve the rest of the CCSU community as well.

“We hope to get involved in the community which is basically what President [Dr. Zulma] Toro wants to do campus-wide,” Stielau stated.

The club is currently in the process of building a website for Maria’s Place Food Pantry.

“We are hoping to get some other clubs on campus involved not only with this project, but to host other events as well. For example, I’ve been in talks with the Marketing Club, who could provide their expertise with marketing to host an event related to marketing and provide advice with the Maria’s Place Food Pantry project,” Stielau continued. “The MIS club has worked before with the Business Communication club to host our LinkedIn Clinic.”

Some people in MIS Club have agreed on how beneficial and interesting their club is.

“Joining the MIS club is a great way to network with other students and gain exposure in the field of I.T. Also, it that allows students to develop leadership skills that will benefit them for future employment,” Vice-President Eddie Rivera said.

The MIS Club meets on Thursdays from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in Room 203 in Robert C. Vance Academic Hall.