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Just Resign, Esty

by Sarah Willson

An advocate and champion for the “Me Too” movement is under fire after failing to protect a woman who was “threatened and bullied” by one of her staff members, and rightly so.

The hypocritical and heartless congresswoman, Elizabeth Esty, has spent the majority of her career calling for tougher harassment and assault protection for her fellow female congressional leaders. Less than a week ago, she publicly apologized for protecting her chief of staff after learning that he had allegedly sexually harassed the woman who is now being identified as Anna Kain. Now, it’s time for Esty to step down.

Despite the fact that Esty claimed she “was pressured by the Office of House Employment Counsel to sign” an agreement to fire Tony Baker, she also agreed to help him land another job while paying him $5,000 for his position, the Washington Post reported.

Now Democrats, Republicans and even the Hartford Courant are calling for Esty to resign and, yes, she should.

The Democratic representative for Connecticut’s fifth district took part in one of the most hypocritical things any politician has ever done by showing complete disregard and an astounding lack of respect for the female colleague who was forced to sit in the dark and wait for the story to break. Not only did Esty betray her fellow staff, she betrayed all of the women she advocated for.

Instead of doing the right thing by coming forward and advocating for the protection of her colleague, Esty ignored the complaint, kept her mouth shut about the man who should now potentially be thrown in jail and contacted multiple lawyers to cover herself all within the span of three months. It was only after the complaints of assault came to light that Esty admitted her wrongdoings and begged for forgiveness. And no, she should not be forgiven; she does not deserve to be.

The fact that someone who claimed to be such a loud voice for oppressed women in America completely disregarded and blatantly ignored the unacceptable situation is mind-blowing. As both a leader and a human-being, Esty should have immediately dropped Baker to help aid Kain in the unimaginable trauma she experienced.

Esty and her lawyers can try and defend herself all they want, but there is no excuse for this, and there never will be.

Not only did Esty lose the trust of Kain, she also lost the trust of women both in and outside of Washington, and there’s no guarantee that she’ll ever get it back. Though Esty claimed she will not be running for re-election, that’s simply not enough right now.

Protecting not only females, but everyone else in the workforce, is ultimately one of the most important things an employer can do. Etsy failed to do this and, as a result, should ultimately step down from her position as a congresswoman. Just give it up, Esty.