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CHANGE’s Message To ICE


by Cindy PenaMessages posted on local message boards around campus and the screen projection over Elihu Burritt Library aimed to raise awareness on one pressing issue: immigration.

“CCSU Stands 4 Muslims” and “When I.C.E Melts, Families Bloom” are just few of the many messages C.H.A.N.G.E members hoped to get across to Central Connecticut students.

The projection displayed at 5 p.m. last week on Monday was a protest against Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s deportation of family members.

“This is just a reminder that this issue is still going on and it is immoral,” C.H.A.N.G.E President Victor Constanza said. “You are politicizing families. You are politicizing children and people’s lives. This is not a game. Yoh are playing with people’s lives. So the whole point is to educate.”

Recently, a Chinese family who lived in Connecticut for 20 years—Zhe Long Huang and his wife, Xiang Jin Li—were scheduled to be deported on Feb. 16, according to the Hartford Courant. This is one example of many families that C.H.A.N.G.E is advocating for.

“We wanted to remind people that ICE is ripping families apart for no good reason,” Constanza said. “There is obviously people who commit crime and pay no taxes and I feel like those are the people ICE should be focusing its efforts to. Instead there are families being impacted who pay taxes and have no criminal record. Why would they waste their resources on something that helps our economy, helps our society, but not towards others?”

C.H.A.N.G.E has done demonstrations and rallies on immigration before; however, Constanza’s goal this time was to do something new that will get people’s attention.

“Everything we do, we want it to be interesting and one up ourselves whenever we do something new like this,” Constanza said. “We wanted to capture people’s attention and just be different. All these demonstrations are to capture people’s attention and to educate.”

Constanza got the idea for this new initiative from social media where a Twitter user displayed a projection on Trump Hotel to protest President Donald Trump’s alleged comment against Haiti, African nations and El Salvador.

“We wanted to do another demonstration, but we wanted to do something new. I got the inspiration from a Twitter post. After Trump’s [s*** hole] comment, someone on Twitter did a projection on one of the Trump buildings and had the [s**** hole] comment on it,” Constanza said. “We were all brainstorming and we were thinking of a way we can do something big that is not considered vandalism and won’t be taken down, so I thought of the Twitter post and I said, ‘Why don’t we do a projection?'”

Ultimately, Constanza said he feels like he met his goal and got the group’s message across to CCSU students and faculty.

“People liked the idea. They loved it. We got a lot of positive reactions to it and overall it was very very good,” Constanza said. “We got the results we wanted. Like I said, it was new and different and there was a lot of people sharing it on social media. So, it was a great response.”