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Harvey Weinstein Is A Disgrace To Humanity

by Angela Fortuna

The alleged unforgivable and inhumane acts of American film producer Harvey Weinstein have sparked media attention across the country.

The co-founder of The Weinstein Company allegedly committed sexual harassment crimes dating back nearly 30 years; these allegations came from actresses as well as former employees of the Weinstein Company and Miramax, the previous company that Harvey Weinstein and his brother founded, according to The New York Times.

Weinstein, a powerful film producer, stands accused of sexual misconduct by about two dozen women, including actress Rose McGowan, over the past few decades, according to NBC News.

McGowan tweeted Thursday afternoon regarding her own accusations against Weinstein.

“@jeffbezos I told the head of your studio that HW [Harvey Weinstein] raped me. Over and over I said it. He said it hadn’t been proven. I said I was the proof,” McGowan said in a tweet.

In response to McGowan’s tweet, Twitter temporarily deactivated her account.

McGowan used social media as a platform to inform others across the country of her own sexual harassment experience with Weinstein.

With the rise in popularity of social media, it is a good medium of communicating information with the public.

Other women allegedly affected by sexual harassment acts by Weinstein include Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashley Judd and others, according to Fox News.

“Any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein. Mr. Weinstein has further confirmed that there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances,” Weinstein’s spokeswoman has said in a statement, according to The Guardian.

The accusations against Weinstein conclude that women who were allegedly sexually harassed were too nervous to speak up about the incident at the time it happened.

Women who are victims of sexual harassment are often embarrassed and afraid to share their experiences because of how it will affect their personal lives.

Up to 94 percent of victims of sexual harassment do not file a complaint, while one in four women experience it, according to a report by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Speaking out about personal sexual harassment experiences can be a long and difficult process; however, it can be rewarding.

If a person affected by sexual harassment does not speak up about it, there is no way in knowing if that person will ever harass others. Keeping quiet about traumatizing events can cause mental instability for some people, like post traumatic stress disorder.

The allegations against Weinstein indicate that he may have abused his power on a variety of fronts over a few decades, and identify a behavioral pattern in which Weinstein often invites women to hotels for “business meetings,” only to make sexual advances against their will, according to VOX.

The newly discovered evidence of sexual harassment can be seen as similar to that of Bill Cosby: after one victim shares their experience, more victims seem to come out and share theirs with the public.

Bill Cosby has been accused of drugging and sexually harassing dozens of women, many of which testified against him during his trial. The Cosby trial was declared a mistrial back in June, according to U.S. News. No new information has been provided since then.

People like Weinstein and Cosby have allegedly committed acts that are unforgivable. If people do not come out and share personal experiences of sexual harassment, then these offenders will never realize what they are doing is wrong and no justice will be served to victims.