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Lady Gaga Becomes First Female Headliner At Fenway

by Brennah Dallaire

35,000 “little monsters” filled Fenway Park in Boston Saturday night, for Lady Gaga’s performance on the Joanne World Tour. Gaga became the first female to headline a concert series performance at Fenway Park.

The show dazzled the excited fans with pyrotechnics, in motion stage effects, choreographed dance routines, unique outfits and near perfect vocals.

The bustle outside the park prior to the concert was comparable to a play off Red Sox game, with fans showing their fan spirit purchasing official Lady Gaga apparel, hats and bags.

Show attendees caught a bite to eat at surrounding restaurants, including the famous House of Blues where Gaga has performed in the past. Fans dressed in eccentric Gaga styled outfits: soda can hair curlers, ripped fishnet stockings and the classic Joanne floppy hat.

Concert goers began to fill the park at about 6:30 p.m., the listed showtime. DJ White Shadow also known as Music Producer, Paul Blair came onstage at 7 p.m. and mixed popular rap and pop songs.

Just before 8:30 p.m. a ten minute countdown was displayed on stage to signal the start of the show. Fans started to scream and countdown as the clock reached ten seconds and pyrotechnics exploded onstage as Gaga entered singing “Diamond Heart” off her latest Album, “Joanne”.

The set list was a mix of past hit singles and a majority of her current album.

Set List –
Diamond Heart
Poker Face
John Wayne
Just Dance
Love Game
Come to Mama
Edge of Glory
Born This Way
I Want Your Love
The Cure
Million Reasons

Enthusiastic fans jumped, clapped and sang along to all of the songs. Gaga thanked the crowd and Boston for having her as the first female headlining performer at Fenway Park.

“They can say about tonight that it was a night where everybody in the spirit of equality came to Fenway, or they can say it was the gayest night in baseball..Ill take it! I’ll take both of them,” said Gaga.

Gaga shared her “secrets” with the crowd. She told a very personal story of losing her acting teacher Elizabeth Kemp on Friday Sept. 1 after her battle with cancer.

She dedicated her downtempo performance of Edge of Glory to Kemp and requested fans to light up the park with their smartphone lights so her family could see. 35,000 fans lit up Fenway Park with their lights. It was so bright it seemed as though someone had switched on the parks flood lights.

“Put your lights on, so her family can see you,” Gaga said.

She saved a story about her friend Elizabeth to be told before her performance of Joanne. The story was of a time Elizabeth and Lady Gaga bonded over their discovery that they both carried holy water in their purses.

During her performance of ‘Joanne,’ Gaga explained to fans that Joanne is her middle name and is also the name of her late aunt who passed away at the age of nineteen from Lupus. She continued that the death of her aunt was always a source of pain in her family for her father and grandmother.

During production of Gaga’s new film, A Star Is Born, also starring Bradley Cooper, Kemp pushed Gaga in her acting to channel something that causes her the most pain. At which time Gaga realized that was Joanne. Gaga went on to say that this album was a way to heal for her and her family.

Gaga’s father, Joseph Germanotta Jr. was in the front row of the audience, and kissed her hand as she reached down to embrace him. Her mother, Cynthia Germanotta was also in attendance.

Gaga gave a shoutout to her sister Natalie Germanotta, for designing a leather jacket that she wore during her performance.

After her performance of “Joanne,” Gaga left the stage signaling the end of the concert but surprised fans with an encore performance of “Million Reasons.” Fans again lit up the park with their flashlights.

Lady Gaga will return from her tour overseas and perform at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT on Nov. 10 or 11.

CCSU students that are interested in seeing Lady Gaga on the Joanne World can purchase tickets from popular ticket distributors including, Stubhub, Ticketmaster or directly from Mohegan Suns website.