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What the SGA Has In Store for the Fall Semester

by Shaina Blakesley

Summer is washing away and autumn is falling upon campus, leading into the fall semester at Central Connecticut State University.

There are many clubs working together to make this year at CCSU enjoyable, and one of those dedicated clubs is the Student Government Association.

The idea of a student government might be new to some students, but the SGA is simply a student-run senate that aids clubs and organizations, while also striving to help students stand on their own two feet.

Chair of the Student Life Committee, Damar Britto, desires to “increase scholarship amounts for our students, and increase our wellness events and impacts on the student body.”

Britto isn’t the only one trying to improve the livelihood of CCSU students.

SGA Vice President Marissa Cusano strives to build the foundation of the SGA by “standing in solidarity for students.” She aims to do this by aiding students in any way that she can; Cusano is determined to open the channel of communication between clubs and students through the liaison program.

Christopher Cappiello, treasurer of the SGA, is on board with Cusano in building a better bridge between campus clubs. Cappiello hones in on club budgets to be decided by the SGA.

Currently, clubs have to submit a hard copy of their budget requests and try to gather all the signatures necessary to complete the requirements, but Cappiello wants to curate an online system, via the Collegiate Link, where instant budgets can be made and sent to the SGA efficiently and hassle-free.

The SGA has begun meeting regarding scholarship awards for students during the fall and spring semesters.

The SGA is broken down into four main committees and several smaller subcommittees to better ensure all aspects of student agendas at CCSU are being addressed.

The Student Life Committee is co-sponsoring a suicide vigil, named the National Day of Prayer for Faith, Hope and Life Vigil, on Sept. 10 at 7:30 p.m. in the Student Center Circle.

The Finance Committee will meet on Sept. 11 to review all financial requests from clubs and other organizations, and pass recommendations onto the senate for final approval. The Finance Committee is also working to digitalize the funding processes, via Collegiate Link, with a tentative deadline of the Spring 2018 semester.

The Public Affairs Committee is hosting a handful of events advertising upcoming elections, along with other events scheduled by the senate. Public Affairs is interested in putting together SGA-funded leadership conferences open to the student body to attend.

The Academic Affairs committee is stressing the importance of finding new alternatives to high-priced textbooks with the implementation of open educational resources.

Meanwhile, External Affairs, SGA’s newest committee, is working at the state and local levels to explore ways CCSU can fight the rising cost of tuition annually.

The SGA is comprised of many undergraduate student-elected senators. The group encourages students to have their voices heard and their concerns settled by stopping by a senate meeting. Senate meetings are held every Wednesday at 3:05 p.m. in Bellin A and B in the Student Center.

There are currently 10 open senate seats, six of which are available for freshman and transfers, two are reserved for Resident Senators, and the last two are to be filled by one commuter and one At-Large Senator.

The At-Large Senate seat is the only seat that can be occupied by either a part-time or full-time student. The other seats are exclusively for full-time students.

Election week starts Sept. 25 and ends on Sept. 27. Elections are kicked off with the Fall Candidate Gallery at noon in the Student Center Circle.

The final decision of the election will be determined and released at 5 p.m. on Sept. 28.