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Putt and Take a Break at CCSU’s New Mini Golf Course

by Kayla Murphy

Returning students have noticed something different about the old, beat-up volleyball court behind Beecher Hall — it’s been transformed into a nine-hole mini golf course, featuring a patio equipped with several hammocks and a luscious garden with a solar paneled Bluetooth speaker.

“What campus gets to say they have a mini golf course right outside their dorm?” said history professor Matthew Warshauer. Over the summer, Warshauer was in charge of the construction project.

An overview of the new mini golf course
Photo Creds: Charlie Bass

Students might recognize Warshauer’s previous garden work between the Social Science Hall and Marcus White, as well as the hammocks and Zen garden at Hilltop Cafe. Warshauer says that this was one of his most challenging pieces.

“We got the idea to construct a golf course after I talked to four RAs. They all said they wanted a chill space to hang out and just relax,” Warshauer said.

Constructing the patio with hammocks took Warshauer and his crew about three weeks. They designed the patio and the garden to drain water when it rains.

New hammoocks and patio behind Beecher
Photo Creds: Charlie Bass

“The golf course took about 60 hours to make,” said Warshauer. Warshauer and student worker James Randall spent 10-hour work days in the blistering sun to create the moderately challenging mini golf course.

Interested in trying out the golf course? Head to the Beecher Gym, show them your Blue Chip Card, grab your club and golf ball and have fun!

Students enjoying the new golf course
Photo Creds: Charlie Bass

Warshauer is nervous about the first “Thirsty Thursday” for party students and anxious about the golf course.

“After seeing the lawn chairs get smashed by students last semester, I was very worried about the golf course,” said Warshauer, “We bolted down all the trinkets and items on the golf course. I hope people respect the space. We worked hard to create this space for the students, why destroy it? I just hope the students won’t let anything bad happen to it and will work together to help maintain it.”

After proposing the golf course and garden plan to CCSU President Zulma Toro, Warshauer was elated to know that she supported his idea.

Are you ready to try the challenging 9-round mini golf course?
Photo Creds: Charlie Bass

“Some might say that the budget we had to construct the golf course and seating area was too frivolous, but honestly this hangout space is what the students deserve,” said Warshauer. “We wanted to show the students that we care about them. The space is unique and it stands out and it helps soften the institutional look of the school.”

Warshauer hopes that the students enjoy the space and it will help grow and connect the CCSU community.