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What to Watch: The Last Man on Earth

by Corey O’Neil

¨The Last Man¨ on Earth may currently be the funniest show on television; and no one is talking about it.

¨The Last Man¨ on Earth stars SNL alum Will Forte, Kristen Schaal and January Jones.

The series revolves around a man named Phil Miller (Forte,) who believes he is the last man on earth, after a deadly virus spreads across the planet. He looks for others and paints billboards and buildings stating he is alive in his hometown of Tuscon, Arizona. Before attempting suicide, he discovers another survivor, Carol (Schaal).

The two have very butting personalities, and Forte and Schaal play off one another wonderfully. Forte plays his character with such ease, which makes it easy to believe that he is also the creator and the main writer of the series.

The series is produced by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the team behind the Jump Street films and The LEGO Movie. They also help write the series.

The show made its mid-season three return on back on March, 5. The episode featured none of its stars, but revolved around a newly introduced character played by Kristen Wiig.

This past premiere episode showcases yet again just how stellar it is written. We know nothing about this character and want to know more about the current characters within the show. The last episode left off on a cliffhanger, but Wiig is just too remarkable in her role, which is perfectly written to fit her comedic skills that it does not matter. Her character will hopefully return later this season.

The characters that are later introduced throughout the seasons provide another side of how life would be when humanity is thought to be gone, but through a comedic lens. Mad Men’s January Jones plays Melissa. Known for her dramatic roles in film and television, Jones in surprisingly hilarious in her role here. Another standout in the series is Mel Rodriguez, who plays Todd.

The series premiered back in March of 2015 on FOX, racking in 5.75 million viewers. Since then, no episode has come close to this number of viewers. It currently averages around 2.5 million viewers per episode, during its time slot of 9:30 p.m. on Sunday nights.

Rarely do you hear about this series, especially for it being on a major broadcast network like FOX. It has been nominated for five Emmy Awards since its premiere back in 2015. It is a great show that you show definitely check out!