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International Women’s Day Strike Planned at CCSU

by Angela Fortuna

Women across the world took action today to #beboldforchange, as stated in the the International Women’s Day slogan. They are protesting President Donald Trump’s policies and fighting for equality.

The goal of the International Women’s Day campaign is to “call on the masses or call on yourself to help forge a better working world.”

Women are fighting for “a more inclusive, gender equal world,” according to the International Women’s Day campaign.

“International Women’s Day started in Germany as a response to women there fighting for their right to vote,” said Amy Frances Tenenbaum, CCSU junior and student chairperson of the strike. “We strike to end gender violence, protect reproductive freedom, secure equal pay for all, preserve the environment and natural resources and call upon our governments around the world to enforce ‘effective secularization.'”

Women’s Day organizers have declared the day to be “The Day Without a Woman.”

“We strike this year to combat decades of socioeconomic inequality by calling for all marginalized communities to come together, get loud and make their voices heard,” said Tenenbaum.
Organizers of the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. are calling on women to participate in a one-day strike, abstaining from paid and unpaid labor. Strikes will be held all across the world.

The protest turnout across the world on International Women’s Day is expected to be similar to the Woman’s March on Jan. 21 with over a million people participating. 

According to NBC New York, “[Women’s Day organizers] are also encouraging women to wear red in solidarity and to spend money only at small women and minority-owned businesses that day.”

The International Women’s Day strike is aimed to support Native American women, women of color, working women, immigrant women, lesbian and transgender women, Muslim women and disabled women.

There will be a women’s strike held at the Student Center Circle today at noon.

The event, hosted by Tenenbaum, aims to get people to “come together for love and liberation,” as stated on the CCSU Women’s Strike poster.

There will be a few CCSU students speaking at the event, including freshmen Shelby Williams and Sawera Hussan, as well as seniors Tania Correa, Senior Monica Nieves and Tenenbaum.

The CCSU community and the public are welcome to come and support women’s rights.

The event is being sponsored by Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies and the Ruthe Boyea Women’s Center at CCSU.

On the poster advertising the strike, Tenenbaum addresses the issue head-on: “We, the women of the world, are fed up with violence addressed at us, be it physical, economic, verbal or moral. We will no longer tolerate it passively. We demand that our governments stop using misogynistic insults and start taking real measures to solve the numerous problems related to our safety.”

Tenenbaum later goes on to say “we demand our governments enforce effective secularization and recognize that before our biological conditions, we are first of all human beings,” on behalf of all women.

This strike will be the first protest related to women’s rights held at CCSU.

If the event gets rained out, the strike will be held in the Constitution Room in Memorial Hall, with limited seating.