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iPhone 7, I Think I’ll Wait


by Lauren Lustgarten

Apple has done it again. They have made our generation, for the ninth time, go insane over the most recent announcement of the iPhone 7. Though everyone still goes goo-goo-ga-ga over every new iPhone every year, sales of the smartphone have recently been declining, according to the company; and I can see why.

I will admit, in the past I have gotten the most recent iPhone as it was released, but I never lost my mind over them or bought one immediately once it came out. I wait until the price gets significantly lower and all of the glitches are worked out. But, fellow iPhone users, I am sure you can back me up when I say that those glitches never get completely fixed. There have been times that I have contemplated throwing my phone against a wall just so I can revert back to circa 2007 and start communicating through my flip phone again — at least they let me use my phone without a “Storage Almost Full” message popping up every hour.

While I am big on technology in the sense that it is basically my life, I am not very good with understanding or fixing it when something goes wrong. I get impatient and angry very easily and iPhones have done nothing but feed into my anger. I only heard about the upcoming release of the iPhone 7 because of social media and all of the talk had me wondering exactly what more could they add to this iPhone that wouldn’t make it totally irrelevant. Once I researched it, I quickly came to the conclusion that this generation of the iPhone is the most unnecessary piece of technology there is.

For starters, no headphone jack? Really? No, thank you. I would lose the wireless, $159 AirPods in a blink of an eye anyway. There is an adapter that you can use to plug your old, normal headphones into the Lightning port, but then you can’t charge your phone while you’re listening to music and it all seems like one big hassle.

There are other improved features like better camera quality (which they say every year when they announce the new iPhone) and water resistance. While I think the weatherproofing is the best feature this phone holds, I am going to stick to my guns and remain stubborn. I’d much rather buy a bulky, drastically less expensive water- and life-proof case than buying the phone itself. Nowhere in the phone description does it say that the iPhone 7 is fall-proof either, so the LifeProof case is a much smarter investment in my eyes.

I am clearly not a fan of this phone and I don’t even have it. I am just going to stick with my iPhone 6, with my LifeProof case and my normal headphones until I have to listen to all the buzz about the iPhone 8 this time next year.