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The Snoball in Wonderland

by Joshua Quintana

A line of well-dressed students waited in line for the dance of the semester in Alumni Hall, Friday Jan. 29th. As students waited with their dates for doors to open, Students voiced their excitement to finally be able to enjoy the Snoball.

The doors haven’t opened around around eight. Ten minutes after, the excitement is clear. The balloon arch placed in front of the doors started to sag, the clock-shaped cut outs hanging from the arch seemed to mock the tardiness of the event.

When the doors opened, the Alice in Wonderland themed masterpiece Central Activities Network (CAN) put on is noticed. Five dollars has never provided such a wonderful and rapturous first impression. The Student Government Association (SGA) chambers are gone and instead a sumptuous feast of fruits, vegetables, cupcakes and marshmallows set beside a mini lake of smooth creamy chocolate fondue is set up. Beside that, a mashed potato bar with all the tea time fixings are set for everyone to come and enjoy.

By 9 p.m. the room is filled and the DJ played songs that got everybody in the partying mood. By 9:30, the entire room is up and dancing, taking requests and couples out on the dance floor slow dancing. It is clear that CAN has out-done themselves with this event.

SGA Vice Chair of Public Affairs Committee and CAN Program Director Jahmil Effend was taking tickets at the door, and he explained the late opening was due to, “Sodexo setting up everything just right.” He also said that the vaunted VIP tickets on sale sold out entirely. Clearly the time was well spent.

Freshman Dana Brianti attended with her friend Kayla Walsh and clearly enjoyed themselves. “I like it so much and the DJ is great,” Brianti said while she and Walsh wait in line to get their picture taken. Scott Hazen, Director of the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development (SA/LD) said, “I’m glad to see the students coming out and having a good time.”

Later in the evening an announcement regarding the artists for the Spring Concert was supposed to be made. However, upon speaking with Julie Koivisto, program adviser for CAN, the announcement won’t be made for another couple of weeks. Instead it will be announced over the new social text CAN is setting up  and promoting. For more information, be sure to sign up for the CAN text system and check their Facebook page.

Effend was happy with the event’s turnout. “The decorations in the room were awesome and it looked like everyone who came enjoyed themselves.” On the announcement of the Spring concert lineup, Effend offered, “I know a lot of people were disappointed that we didn’t reveal the spring concert acts, but it definitely built anticipation about who it may be!”

If you were wondering about whether you missed an opportunity to have one of the most memorable times of your life at CCSU, the answer is yes and a helpful hint to not miss out next year.