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Hike to it: Cedar Mountain

by Sheridan Cyr

​Upon embarking for a quick hike up Cedar Mountain, you would never guess that it’s home of one of the best views in Newington. The hike itself only takes about ten to fifteen minutes, which makes it a great way to squeeze in some time outdoors between all of your classes, work and studying.

The hike to the peak begins immediately with the steepest part, so be sure to bring some sturdy sneakers. Then, it curves to the right and gives the hiker a moment to regroup before a second steep hill. After that, it is much more relaxing. You will be taken through beautiful foliage and intertwining trees — a gentle breeze and surprisingly few bugs this time of year.

Before long, you will find a tree right in the middle of the path with an enormous growth on it — you’re almost at the peak! Soon the trees open up to a breathtaking view of Newington, New Britain, Berlin and further. In the fall, the leaves look incredible: red, orange, yellow, as far as the eye can see. Right below the mountain, you can see the houses of Deepwood Drive and Dalewood Road close enough to still be able to see people going about their lives.

From the peak, there are a few paths that continue to different bases of the mountain. Each are all different experiences. One is a bit narrow with a faster decline, while the other is wider and a bit more dim. On the wider path, you can see that people have built bonfires here and there at different points of time. This path eventually splits in two; both lead to the bottom eventually.

If you can find just an hour of time in your hectic schedule, take a trip to Cedar Mountain with some friends. The scenery is unbeatable, and it is only about a ten-minute drive from Central. Maybe you could even spot the university from the peak of the mountain!