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Album Review: Taylor Swift 1989

by Kiley Krzyzek

Taylor Swift shakes off her cowboy boots and fully embraces her pop star persona in her new album “1989”.

Numbers are very significant to Swift, 1989 isn’t random, it’s the year she was born and it’s symbolic of the 80’s music influence in her songs. Unsurprising to fans, there are 13 songs on the album, Swift’s lucky number is 13, she used to paint it on her hand for performances. Apparently it’s working, because the album is rising to the top of the iTunes charts after being finally released on Monday.

“Welcome to New York” is an upbeat song you could definitely dance to. It’s definitely inspired by Swift moving to New York. It also has a message of acceptance in relationships: “You can want who you want, boys and boys, and girls and girls.”

“Blank Space” is a track that is clearly influenced by her friend Lorde who rose to fame with Royals. Underneath the layered vocals is a message about starting a new relationship and all the preconceived notions of how it will end. The blank space is presumably her single relationship status. “You look like my next mistake” she sings.

“Style” has a more jazzy tone and is about when you see other people but can’t get that one person off your mind. It talks about what fashion but more importantly that the two of them make a good pair.

“I Wish You Would” is about letting someone go and regretting it. “I wish you were right here”

Swift calls out her haters in the single “Shake it Off” which led to much anticipation for the album.

Fall asleep to “Wildest Dreams”, not because it’s boring but it’s so relaxing it’s the kind of song you can just relax to. “say you’ll see me again even if it’s just in your wildest dreams,”

“1989” is definitely worth a download, with the songs all so catchy and different as Swift belts in “Welcome to New York”: “It’s a new soundtrack I could dance to this beat forever”.