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Netflix It!: The League

by Ashley Arnesen

Good news for all the guys out there: you can finally watch football with your girlfriend even if she still has no idea what’s going on. And, good news for all the ladies out there: you can stop pretending you have any idea what’s going on!
Guys, after endless hours of trying to explain the rules, the history, the players’ positions, and well whatever else there is (because I still have no idea), you can just watch, The League. All you have to do is log into Netflix. Simple, right?

Finally, a TV show about football and fantasy football where you don’t need to know a thing about either to watch it. Let’s face it ladies, the only reason we pretend to like football is because it’s an excuse to have a beer and look at guys’ butts. Am I right? I’m right. So guys, when we start jumping up and down with you because someone made a touchdown, we’re probably just really excited that we saw that cute guy’s butt in that tight spandex. Sorry, bro. But, if you want to watch The League, that’s cool. We’re down to actually watch something that isn’t all hearts and drama all the time, we like comedy too.
For anyone who hasn’t seen this show before, go watch it while I judge you from a distance. No, it’s not all about football; it’s about humiliating your friends, doing a lot of trash talking and realizing you hate some of your friends but you hang out with them anyways.
So, ladies if you’re looking for that fall boyfriend with his Patagonia vest, driving mocs and willing to do a no-shave-November, he better at least watch The League.