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Relax, College Isn’t Forever

By Chris Pace

The end of each semester can be a stressful time for students.  This is the time of year when a lot of us begin to ruffle through our syllabi looking for missed or unfinished work and creating a list of all assignments and their due dates.  Our professors pressure us with work at the end of each semester assigning readings, papers, presentations and final exams.

We are all excited for the holidays but are trying to keep up with what we need to do as students.  There are some things we have been waiting to do all semester: see that movie, read this book or go to this place, but we all have too much to do.  I for one have about five papers, two presentations and three finals to complete by the end of the semester; some have more, and some less. But you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with work.

Try to get one thing done at a time.  Organize your assignments by due date so you know what to work on first.  Try to save yourself at least 3-4 days to study for your finals. Make time to visit the school library; don’t wait to go to the public library, as they usually don’t have what you’re looking for. 

Depending on your workload, don’t schedule parties or trips to the bar.  If you finish something, reward yourself after you’re finished, it will motivate you more to get the work done knowing you have something planned after you’re finished.

It all pays off in the end.  Although I don’t know what it feels like to be a college graduate just yet, we’re all waiting for the day it happens.  We’ve all had days when we leave our dorms or our commuter parking spots and everything around us is annoying:  the five-minute walk, the screeching tires in the parking garage, the three flights of stairs on the way to class and the horrid fluorescent lighting in our rooms.  But don’t let it get to you; you won’t be in college forever. 

For any freshmen or sophomores who read this, remember these tips early on because it only gets harder.  For those who don’t work during the semester, you leave one job and return to another.  This is life, it never ends.  But maybe that’s why professors do this to us.  They want to train us to learn what it’s like to be under pressure because it’s bound to happen when we get jobs.  After all, that’s what college is for.