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Student Government Postpones Disassociation Motion

By Kassondra Granata

Last week, Treasurer Nick Alaimo made a motion to disassociate the Student Government Association with the Students of Connecticut Universities for Democracy before the campus-wide rally erupted last week. At this week’s meeting, the senate postponed Alaimo’s motion indefinitely.

Sen. Bepin Mgushi said that he was against postponing the motion because it is so “time sensitive.”

“We can’t afford another week avoiding this,” said Mgushi. “Let’s do this today.” Others like Sen. Ryan Baldassario said that the motion should be covered today.

Sen. Berriault said that he was for postponing Alaimo’s motion.

“We have a lot more important stuff to do today that will actually affect students,” said Berriault. Another issue that was brought up was that Alaimo was not present at the meeting.

Before the senate voted on the motion, Sen. Jeremy Truex said that the group just wanted to put off the motion because of its time consumption at last week’s meeting. At its March 6 meeting, the senate had to dismiss early during its discussion due to room availability.

“We shouldn’t just push it away because no one wants to deal with it,” said Truex.

During New Business, Sen. Kory Mills moved to allocate the Tea Club $500 for their new base budget with it all going towards refreshments. The motion passed unanimously.

Sen. Baldassario moved to approve the A Cappella line item change. Baldassario also motioned to approve the line item request for the Communications Club for $710 with $700 going from hotel to refreshments and $10 going to printing paper. He also motioned to approve the IABC line item change with $380 going from travel to supplies for the alcohol awareness fair. Those motions passed.

Sen. Mills motioned to deny the Polish Club’s contingency. The club, according to the senate, wants to go on a trip to Chicago. Sen. Truex said that the club is not planning on attending any conferences and are just going to sight see.

“We should not fund that,” said Truex. The motion to deny the Polish Club’s request passed with 16 yes-votes and five no-votes.

Sen. Truex moved to approve the National Helpers Co-Sponsorship to promote awareness in drug and alcohol abuse. That motion passed with 16 yes-votes and five no-votes.

The motion made by Sen. Berriault to approve the Soccer Club’s contingency request with $1,080 going to referees and $254.98 going towards equipment passed with 15 yes-votes, one no-vote and one abstention. Sen. Baldassarion then moved to approve the Co-Sponsorship request for the Lunar Exposition Club and it passed with 20 yes-votes and nine no-votes.

Two requests, the ASME contingency request and the Ebony Chorale Ensemble contingency requests, were denied during New Business.

At the end of New Business, Sen. Truex moved to deny the Broadcast Journalism Students co-sponsorship request. Truex said that the club should be funded by the Media Board and not by the senate. He also said that the club is not a recognized organization by the SGA.

The motion passed with 19 yes-votes and two no-votes.