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University Provides Rental Cars To Students

Hertz Mobile Cars Now Available To Those Who Qualify

By Jacqueline Stoughton

All the talk of students being able to rent cars on the CCSU campus for the day has been confirmed. Students now have the ability to become a Hertz Mobile member, allowing them to rent one of the two cars available to travel back and forth.

“It costs about $60 a day, there’s no annual fees, and fuel and insurance is included,” said Fred Bonvicini, who is in charge of the repairing and maintenance of the rental cars.

In order to rent a Hertz Mobile car, students must go to and create a profile. Once their profile is created, students then have to wait to be approved for a card, which is used to unlock the car by scanning it on a card reader in the front windshield. The keys are already in the ignition, linked to a chain that is attached to the center console.

In order to rent a car, students must make a profile and receive their card by making a reservation either on the Hertz website or through the Hertz mobile app.

“The Zip Cars are what started this,” said Bonvicini. The Zip car company receives credit for starting the new popular trend of making rental cars available for student use on college campuses. “It’s a neat program, and convenient for everyone,” he added.

“Parents of students from other universities who use this type of program say they love it because they don’t have to pay for a car, insurance and fuel. They pay one fee and that’s it,” said Bonvicini.

CCSU has one Ford Escape vehicle, similar to a small SUV, and one Ford Fiesta available on campus for rental. Bonvicini says that both vehicles are good on gas mileage.

Victoria Guerrera, a CCSU commuter student says she thinks the Hertz Mobiles are a good idea, but will mainly only benefit the students who live on campus and don’t have their own car at school with them. This begs the question, how successful will the Hertz Mobiles be?

Since CCSU is mainly a commuter campus, the renting of a Hertz Mobile will probably not be a frequent event since the majority of the students attending CCSU already have their own car available to them.

“I feel like the price of renting it for the day would be more than I pay for my own gas,” said Sylvia Carey, CCSU student. This is another factor that could potentially cause a lack in renters. Since the cost to rent is about $60 a day, that’s about the equivalent to the current cost to fill most gas tanks.

For students living on campus who are without a car, this is a beneficial new tool that is now available to them. Rental cars now provide students with the capability to go out to run errands, go to the mall, or visit with friends and family, among other possibilities.

“For the students living on campus, yes, this is a very sufficient tool the university is providing,” Said Guerrera.