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Sandy Hook: The Movie?

By Joe Suszczynski

Plans for a movie based on the shooting at Sandy Hook has been in the making. Yes, that’s right, a movie, you’ve read correctly. This tragedy has not even reached two months and already someone is going to adapt a movie. It is absolutely asinine that someone would make a film so soon after what has occurred.

According to an article in Time Magazine, Jonathan Bucari is planning on making a direct-to-TV movie called Illness, which is about a “thirteen-year-old boy with a terrible mental illness, and the ever-growing fear of his parents after they learn about the shooting in Newtown in December 2012″.

Granted, it won’t be about the shooter, Adam Lanza. A child with mental illnesses can be seen as more sensitive, because talking about the shooter will just bring up more pain. But, it doesn’t mean it is okay to do this right now.

As of right now, this movie being released is a terrible idea. This event just happened; it still feels like it took place yesterday and families of the victims are still grieving. This is something that I don’t understand. Why would something like this be done so soon?

I understand where the director is coming from and he could have good intentions in making this film, but come on. Can’t Bucari wait a while until everything is said and done with? Why can’t there be a waiting period when all the facts are out and in the open and there has been ample time for the families to mourn without having to go through with this? Two months is just too quick to do something about this event.

Even if petitions are made to ban Bucari from making this movie, which is set to be filmed in Ridgefield, Connecticut, it would not solve anything. Bucari has a right to his own freedom of speech. So, it would be essentially pointless to ban the movie from being made as it would violate his First Amendment rights. Taking any hostile action against it won’t do any good because it is not the civil thing to do and it looks bad on the people doing it.

The best advice I could give in regards to this movie is to simply not watch it. It’s smart that this movie is coming out directly to television because if this was put into theaters, I am willing to bet that hardly anyone would go see this and I am sure there would be protesters outside the theater.

A movie about this event should be made because we cannot hide what happened and sweep it under the rug like it doesn’t exist. A documentary about this event would be preferable because at least that would be real and not embellished with any type of fiction. It would show the truth and talk about the issues at hand and what we could do to move forward. But even doing this two months after the event happening is unacceptable.

There have been movies based upon tragic events such as Pearl Harbor and 9/11, but those movies were made well after the events happened when wounds were able to heal. It’s just not the decent thing to do right now.