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Letter To The Editor: Should You Be Listening To Your Leaders, Or Should They Be Listening To You?

On Thursday, October 4, 2012 the New Britain Common Council held a special meeting where they voted for an increase in fees and taxes for most rental property owners in the city of New Britain. The mayor’s office along with the leadership of the Council chose to have a special meeting, which allowed no public participation. In other words they voted on something which affects a large amount of the population, without allowing public comment.

The meeting was, however, open to the public. Attendees arrived with “For Sale” signs, and once public participation was blocked, many attendees then put duct tape over their mouths to show that they had been muzzled. The meeting proceeded with debate from several aldermen voicing their opinion to look at alternatives to the problem. The room was filled with many landlords, tenants, and students of CCSU who rent in the city and would be directly affected by this. Every time Alderman Giantonio or Alderman Carlozzi offered a common sense alternative they were lauded with applause. Yet when the Common Council moved to the vote, the Council, carried by a Democratic majority, voted 11-4 in favor of this unfair tax increase.

What bothers me the most is how these “leaders” could look at the people who elected them to office to represent them and act on their behalf and knowingly vote in favor of something that their constituents strongly oppose. It is this lack of courage and true leadership that has many disinterested and disengaged in the political process. Our elected officials apparently do not care to represent us, so I give you an alternative that they cannot block.

On November 6th 2012 there will be an election not just for president, senate and congress, but also for state senate and state rep. I know several brave souls who do not lack courage and leadership, and most important, will listen to you. Those brave souls you may think come from an unlikely source, the Republicans. However you must remember who did this to you. So if you are like me, disappointed with your elected representatives, I urge you to support Dwight Blint for State Senate, Pete Steele for State Rep in the 24th district, and Daniel Davis for State Rep in the 26th district, all of whom were in attendance at this meeting and all of whom were listening to you since our current leadership was not!

Daniel Davis
Candidate for State Rep in the 26th District