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Senate Passes Finance Committee Recommendations

By Joe Suszczynski

The Student Government Association passed  three recommendations made by the Finance Committee at its last meeting.

It was first motioned to pass FC13-010 and FC13-011. FC13-010 was a motion to set a standing rule for the 2012-2013 academic year stating that new club budgets can’t exceed $500. FC13-011 was to set a standing rule for the 2012-2013 academic year stating that the new club budget restrictions also apply for all clubs who did not apply for a base budget in the spring of 2012.

Senator Kory Mills spoke in favor of the motion. In regards to FC13-010, Mills said that it was an “implied rule” that the Finance Committee had to begin with.

“Just making it a standing rule is something that would help us keep this precedence all year. It’s not like we’re telling them you have to stick to 500 dollars all year,” said Mills. “As for the second motion, it’s for clubs that don’t submit a base budget the year before. We do this anyways already so now we just can’t change our minds and everything is more fair to the clubs.”

Senator Kim Towler spoke in opposition. Towler said that if there’s a club that needs to spend more than $500 then they should be able to get it.

The motion was then passed.

The Senate then moved on to motion FC13-009. The motion was to allocate $500 to the Design Club to their “Entertainment and Exhibitions” line item, which would go towards their fashion show.

Senator Ryan Baldassario spoke for the motion. Baldassario said that they needed the money to fund their main event.

No one spoke in opposition and the motion was then voted on and passed unanimously.