We had to lock the gates of our house because so many people came every day.

The couple who purchased the home where The Big Chill, a 1980s movie was filmed in local history has revealed what living there is like.

John and Katie Tashjian bought the Beaufort home, South Carolina in 2017, for $1.76million.

John and Katie Tashjian purchased the landmark South Carolina home in 2017 for $1.76million


John and Katie Tashjian bought the South Carolina landmark home for $1.76million in 2017.Credit: Zillow
The 1980s film The Big Chill was filmed at the home


The Big Chill, a 1980s movie, was shot at homeIMBD

The house was built in 1850 and is situated in The Old Point Neighborhood of Beaufort.

The house was the location for The Great Santini (1979), as well as The Big Chill.

John first saw the house years ago, when he visited Katie and they were dating.

“As a real estate guy, I immediately fell in love with the home, its story and its spectacular natural setting on the Beaufort River,” Tashjian told Today is a special day for all of us. When?

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“We toured the home that day and it stuck with me over time. I stayed in touch with the broker and, a little over a year later, finally negotiated a deal to purchase the home.”

John spent a lot of time and effort to renovate the house, which has five bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. There is also a guesthouse on this 1.38-acre plot and 2 garages.

According to the owners, Tidalholm is a landmark in the area that attracts 25-50 visitors per day.

Weekends are the weekends when twice as many people gawk.

Not only do people stop to take photos but also sing.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people singing ‘Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog’ like it’s some kind of old-time revival,” John told the Wall Street Journal.

John told The Outlet that to keep strangers out of his yard, he had to install automated gates.

When the couple first moved into the house, they kept the gate open to welcome people in.

“There were people sitting in our yard, taking videos,” John told the outlet.

Some visitors even recreated film scenes and knocked at the door to ask for a visit.

John told the Wall Street Journal that he would sometimes provide tours, depending on “what kind of mood I was in.”

John and Katie are now welcoming visitors beyond their gates.

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“If you’re going to own this house, you can’t be surprised by the reception,” John said.

“It’s like living next to an airport and complaining about airplanes.”

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