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The ever-growing e-commerce industry has paved the pathway for the growth of the Logistics field in an exponential way than ever before. With the rapid growth of Amazon and other online shopping sites, the former competitors such as DHL, TCS, and UPS are in a more fierce battle.


1. UPSers Basic Requirements
2. UPSers Registration
3. UPSers Login
4. UPSers: Forgot Password
5. UPSers: Recover User ID
6. UPS Account: Benefits
7. About UPS and UPSers

The major field in which the UPSers company keeps its focus is on employee management. The company’s complex and quite effective system is followed as a role model by many of its competitors. Other than this, all the companies compete to provide the fastest reliable and consumer-centered services.

UPSers Employee Portal
UPSers Employee Portal

The quality of UPS Logistics company in managing the employees is evident from the satisfaction level of the employees themselves working for the company. The company is like a family for them, which includes a whopping 4,81,000+ members in it.

Whether you are an Old UPser, a new one, this guide will enable you to completely understand the Employee portal, which will help you manage important aspects ranging from paychecks to day-to-day errands. Read on to learn how to do UPSers Login on your mobile device or personal computer.

UPSers Basic Requirements

  • The employee should have a tablet, laptop/PC, or smartphone to access the official website.
  • A reliable and strong internet connection for a hindrance-free login.
  • Users should have their IDs with them.
  • Users should have the password to access their own accounts.

UPSers: How to Register?


  1. Head to the official website portal of UPSers and register yourself. Do that by clicking here: UPSers Employee Portal.
  2. Select the language of your choice and a User ID and Password. This User ID that you have to input is the IGEMS User ID which is basically your Employee ID.
  3. The password you should enter the first time you log in is the one you have received from the HR Executive, a combination of your region, the Year you join, and the Employee ID.
    First two letters of your region_Last part of your hire Year_Last two digits of your Employee ID.
    E.g., Ca1956
  4. Now click on the login button to access your content from the website. The password can be changed according to your personalized preference.

UPSers: How to Login?


  1. UPSers Employee Login Portal Steps
    UPSers Employee Login Portal Interface

    Click on the official Employee login Portal of UPSers from the link given: UPSers Employee Portal.

  2. Select your preferred language.
  3. Enter your IGEMS User ID/ Employee ID.
  4. Fill in the password you received during the registration process or the one you are using if you have changed it already.
  5. Now click the login button, and you are in your personalized content as a UPSers employee.

Note: We strongly recommend you change your password on the first login itself. As the default password is straightforward to guess, it is your responsibility to change the password to a more secure one as a responsible employee. Keep in mind to make the password more strong with the combination of Alphanumerics and symbols.

UPSers: How to Reset Password?

If you have forgotten your personalized password, follow these steps to reset your password.

  1. Head on to the official employee login Portal: UPSers Employee Portal
  2. Click on the forgot password link available below the enter password part.
  3. You will be taken to a page where you will be asked to enter the Employee ID. After entering the Employee ID, you have to answer some challenging questions before you would be able to reset your password. Practice caution while answering these questions because you only have 3 attempts allowed to reset your password.

UPSers: How to recover Employee ID?

  • Navigate to the official employee login Portal: UPSers Employee Portal
  • Now click on the link ‘Forgot User ID,’ which is right below the field to enter your User ID.
  • Then you will be taken to a page where you have to enter some mandatory information.
  • Then you have to enter your registered email ID.
  • Then click on the option named USER ID, and your User ID will be recovered.

Benefits of having a UPSers Account

  • You can save up to 15-18% on all UPS ground and services performed internationally.
  • Up to  7-9% of UPS’s aerial / air services can also be saved.
  • The advantage to check the status of the parcel by accurately tracking it.
  • A lot of handsome discount offers exclusively for account holders.

About UPS

Today the service delivers more than 15 million parcels to more than 8 million people across the world. The employees are proud to call themselves UPSers, and they are also nicknamed with another name, the ‘Brown,’ because of their uniform color. Employees working in different locations for the UPS with all other sub-companies have the same uniform.

The sub-companies under UPS include UPS Store, UPS Air Cargo, UPS Capital, UPS Connect, UPS Consulting, UPS Customer Solutions, UPS Express Critical, UPS i-parcel, UPS Freight, UPS Mail Innovations, UPS Supply Chain Solutions.

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