Zach from Love Island admits to a serious obstacle in Molly’s relationship

Zachariah Noble revealed to Molly Marsh that he has no plans of moving out after LOVE Island.

Molly and Zachariah – who finished fourth on the ITV2 dating show – spoke about how they would navigate a long distance relationship on the outside.

Love Island's Zach revealed where he plans to live after the villa


Zach, Love Island’s Zach, revealed where he intends to live when he leaves the villaITV
The couple currently live around 200 miles apart


It is about 200 miles between the couple.Rex

Zach lives in south-east London while Molly is located in Doncaster. The two are therefore nearly 200 miles apart.

Zach now says he does not plan to leave Doncaster.

When speaking to Zach’s sister Snoochie Shy, on Radio 1 Xtra she asked “Would Zach move to Doncaster ever?”

He replied quickly: “Nah. I will visit 100% but I don’t think you could be a city-boy and leave the city until later in your life.”

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Snoochie said: “Maybe retirement, or even something similar could happen.”

Zachariah and Molly shared their future plans just a few days ago.

A fan once asked, “Does Molly look like someone you’d marry one day?”

Then he said, “I believe her message is inspirational.

We have no pressure but I do hope that life turns out as I wish. “She’s a Queen and deserves the [world emoji]”.

Molly, Zach and their fan club were seen sharing a note with fans just after the match.

Molly declared: “I am feeling overwhelmed. It’s been an amazing experience. It’s amazing to be here.

Zach continued: “Yeah I feel good. I know that we did not win, but I have already won.” So I’ve got no complaints. “It’s been a great experience. I am just eager to go home.”

The final episode featured a declaration of love between the couple.

It comes after Jess Harding and Sammy Root snagged the Love Island crown from Zach and Molly, Tyrique Hyde and Ella Thomas and Lochan Nowacki and Whitney Adebayo.

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