YouTuber Has Perished from Cancer at 36. Husband Reported

YouTuber Has Perished from Cancer at 36. Husband Reported

  • According to her social media accounts, Melanie Ham, YouTuber has died aged 36.
  • Her 810,000 subscribers were her most notable. She was also known for creating videos and documenting her battles with health.
  • She said that she had epithelioid Angiomyolipoma (a type of Sarcoma) in one video.

Melanie Ham, a YouTuber for crafting, who shared her battle with cancer with her followers, has passed away at the age of 36. According to her posts on social-media profiles.

According to a report, she died on January 12,post on her social media accounts. The news was announced via Instagram and FacebookPosts, also posted January 12, that were written by her husband, Robert Ham. Ham also shared the information on His Instagram account.

“It is with a heavy heart and deep sadness I share the news of the passing of my sweet, amazing, beautiful wife Melanie,”The posts. “If you’ve been following our journey I’m sure you were, like us, hopeful she could defeat this insidious disease.”

Ham’s followers were encouraged by the posts “put up a toast of Bourbon”Because that was her favorite beverage. On January 29th, Crossroads Community Church will hold a celebration to celebrate her life. Next Instagram post.

Ham had over 810,000 YouTube subscribers, where she posted tutorials on how to make various knit, crochet, and sewing items. You can also find videos of her personal medical issues here, including one about her own health. “Cancer Update”VideoShe spoke about having a cancerous tumor in her body.

Melanie-Creative Content Maker (@melaniekham), shared the following post

She said that she had epithelioid Angiomyolipoma. This is a type of rare cancer that can be found in soft tissues such as fat, muscles and bones. Johns Hopkins Medicine.

She also posted medical updates to Instagram before her death. There were 46,000 of them.

Her channel, founded in 2011, has over 71 million views in total, with her most popular video — a baby blanket crocheting tutorial — amassing almost 6 million views.

Her last video was a 9 minute guide for beginners to crocheting, which she posted in April.

Many people mourned her on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and YouTube. Ham was a Facebook commenter who wrote: “will remain an inspiration in my life.”

Insider reached Ham’s husband but he did not respond.

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