‘You’re Making Excuses for Him’ (Video)

“CNN This Morning” host Don Lemon pushed back against a former Trump administration official during a segment on Monday about the former president’s dinner at Mar-a-Lago with Ye – the rapper formerly known as Kanye West – and prominent white nationalist Nick Fuentes last week.

Len Khodorkovsky (ex-Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and a Jewish Man who claimed he was the grandson of Holocaust survivors) was asked by Trump if it would be wrong to meet with them.

“From what I understand, President Trump said he didn’t know Nick Fuentes was coming, and Nick Fuentes himself, from what I understand, said President Trump had no idea who he was at the dinner,” Khodorkovsky stated. “So I — look, let’s just call Nick Fuentes for who he is: he’s an antisemite, he’s repulsive, his views are disgusting and no one of any substance should give him any forum. It’s frankly beneath President Trump to meet with him.”

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Khodorkovsky continued to assert that they should talk about the “mainstreaming of antisemitism” That they’d have to do is look. “in the halls of Congress” At Democratic legislators such as Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, or Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez.

Lemon said they were “not president of the United States.”

“Don’t you think the former president, considering what is happening, the investigation at Mar-a-Lago, the documents, the types of people who might have access to classified documents, beyond the antisemitism, you don’t think the former president should know who he’s meeting with and letting into his home?,” Lemon questioned.

Khodorkovsky responded that “of course” Trump must know the names of those he meets.

“It sounds like you’re making excuses for him,” Lemon interjected. “You’re saying he should know who he’s meeting and then you’re saying, ‘Well, he didn’t know.’ It sounds like you’re making excuses for him and there’s no excuses for bad behavior, there’s no excuse for antisemitism and there’s no excuse for being the former president and not knowing who you’re allowing into a place where you’ve kept classified documents.”

Khodorkovsky went on to condemn Ye’s antisemitism and say that Trump should not have met with him and Fuentes, but added that he knows the former president is not an antisemite.

“He does not need to apologize,” He said.

Khodorkovsky stressed that the main concern should be on the increase in antisemitism in America and around the globe.

“We should not give a platform to any Holocaust deniers or antisemites wherever they are,” Khodorkovsky was adamant. “I don’t think that the President should have met with Kanye or his sidekick and I wish no one else will either.”

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