Your relationship could be revealed by your partner’s petname

Your partner’s pet names reveal more about you that you realize.

Public displays of affection via nicknames can speak volumes about your relationship. VICE UK.

If you refer to someone as bae, you're probably not in a defined relationship with them


Referring to someone as bae is a sign that you are not in a committed relationship.Credit: Getty

The publication, in a 2017 article, gave meaning to pet names such as babe and soulmate, squeeze and hubby.

VICE made a joke about couples calling each other babes, referring to the fact that many couples on television and movies use the nickname “pleadingly” in arguments.

If you refer to someone by the name bae, it’s likely that you don’t have a defined relationship.

According to the publication, couples who call each other best friends are more likely to have a happy marriage.

“How truly blessed you are to be the only people ever in the history of copulation to consider your long-term sexual partner your best friend,”Angus Harrison, VICE author, said that your partner is your best friend.

A study by Insider2018 research revealed that pets are more beneficial for couples than their partners.

Harrison isn’t sure what to make of the expression “soulmate”. He thinks people who use it are either blissful, or just kidding themselves.

“Either you’ve found permanent happiness or you’re overdoing it slightly and about to be lonely again.”

Using the terms fella or missus to refer to your partner insinuates that you are happy to be settling down — but you don’t want to make a huge deal out of your love.

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If you’re married to a buff fireman, the pet name “hubby” should not be used. Calling someone “your squeeze” means you’re a jokester.

A majority of Americans in relationships want their partners to post more. “online PDA,”This could include some of the previously mentioned pet names.

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