Your Gmail or Outlook could be HACKED for $800, Microsoft warns

MICROSOFT has issued a chilling warning to fans of Gmail and Outlook.

US tech giant Microsoft has identified a massive scam operation that targeted users of popular email platforms. Security researchers from the company have detected it.

Gmail and Outlook users are being targeted by hackers


Gmail and Outlook users are being targeted by hackersCredit: Alamy

The phishing campaign is targeting both individuals and organisations in an attempt to rob people of their hard-earned cash.

In a report published Tuesday, the researchers detaied how the scam, dubbed BulletProofLink by the team, fleeced unsuspecting victims.

BulletProofLink is currently being advertised on underground cybercrime forums.

At a very low price, criminals can purchase phishing software, email templates, hosting, or automated services, starting at $800.

They can use these tools to target victims across the globe using phishing emails that use social engineering.

Phishing attacks often pose as trusted companies, such as your bank to steal money or personal information.

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“With over 100 available phishing templates that mimic known brands and services, the BulletProofLink operation is responsible for many of the phishing campaigns that impact enterprises today,” Microsoft said.

“BulletProofLink is used by multiple attacker groups in either one-off or monthly subscription-based business models, creating a steady revenue stream for its operators.”

Microsoft stated that once a customer pays, BulletProofLink operators take care of everything else.

This includes setting up a website for the phishing website, sending phishing email to the victims and recovering credentials.

Many of these attacks involved stealing logins for other websites and services. These logins can then be sold via the dark internet.

It’s thought that BulletProofLink has over 1,600 members, “all potential buyers of the stolen passwords and phishing services.”

Microsoft published the findings to warn the wider security community of the existence of the group.

“As part of our commitment to improve protection for all, we are sharing these findings so the broader community can build on them and use them to enhance email filtering rules as well as threat detection technologies like sandboxes to better catch these threats,” According to the company,

The attackers are attempting to rob people of their hard-earned cash


The attackers are attempting to rob people of their hard-earned cashCredit: Alamy
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