Young Boy Dies After Suffering 7 Heart Attacks Due to Scorpion Bite

Reports say that a 7-year old boy from Brazil died after seven heart attacks caused by a scorpion bite.

Luiz Miguel Furtado Barosa of Anhembi, Sao Paulo (Brasil) was putting on his shoes to prepare for going camping with his family Oct. 23 when he felt something stinging on his foot. Newsflash reported.

“As soon as he put (the shoe) on, he screamed in pain,” the boy’s mom, Angelita Proenca Furtado, told local news outlets. “As we didn’t find what had stung him, we kept looking. But his leg started to turn red and he said that the pain was increasing. That’s when I imagined that it really was a scorpion and that I needed to find it to find out which one it was.”

According to the, the family found a Brazilian yellow scorpion (or Tityus serrulatus), which is the scorpion responsible for the greatest number of fatal stings on the continent. New York Post.

According to the Post, the boy’s family took him to University of Sao Paulo Faculty of Medicine Clinics Hospital. His condition improved quickly.

As a result of the scorpion bite, however, his condition improved and he experienced seven heart attacks in hospital. The Independent reported.

The child died two days later after the bite.

The city reported that it has recorded a total of 54 incidents involving scorpions since the beginning of the year, according to the Post.

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