You Should Stop Using CBD If This Happens To You

You Should Stop Using CBD If This Happens To You

Since CBD products have not been FDA-approved, there is a good chance that the item you’re using has not been thoroughly evaluated. This means there are serious health risks that you need to weigh when considering using an unregulated CBD product.

According to Verywell Mind, you may want to stop taking CBD if you experience certain symptoms and side effects that have been known to occur in relation to consuming it. These common side effects include drowsiness, stomach issues, dry mouth, nausea, and interference with medications.

If you want to try CBD as a method to alleviate a health issue, arm yourself with applicable research and proceed with some caution. Discuss your plans with your doctor to get their opinion as to whether this is best for your health. They can also provide information regarding specific supplements, appropriate dosages, and length of usage.

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