You Can Blame This Planet For The Transition To Menopause

The stars’ influence follows us from birth to death. Our Zodiac profiles sway our love lives, careers, and life paths. So, it’s unsurprising that the stars also affect our physical transformations.

One planet, in particular, kicks off the menopausal transition of women in their late 40s. Like menopause, this planet is unpredictable and confusing. But its chaotic energy serves a larger purpose in our lives than you might think.

Indeed, this planet helps usher us into the wisest, most self-assured chapter of womanhood.

The First Opposition

According to astrologist Elizabeth Spring, there are three stages to menopause. The first is Uranus Opposition (UO), then the Chiron Return, and finally the Second Saturn Return. Each stage introduces new symptoms and experiences.

But it’s this first opposition that gets the ball rolling. It takes Uranus 84 Earth years to complete its orbit. Around the 40-42 year mark, Uranus will have traveled 180º from where it was at the time of your birth.

The faraway planet reaches this position around our midlife period. This unpredictable planet is responsible for midlife crises and major life shifts. Uranus Opposition also kicks off the start of menopause and all that comes with it.

The Influence Of Uranus

Generally speaking, Uranus rules originality and awakenings. This planet encourages us to challenge the status quo and think creatively. While it’s not always a problem-solver, it is undoubtedly a problem-identifier.

Its unpredictable energy gives it a bad reputation. However, positives can’t exist without some negatives. Uranus’s energy can be volatile. But far more often, it’s life-changing and liberating.

Uranus also controls all things electricity, which includes us. We sense shifts from Uranus on a deep, neuronic level. The signals our body receives from this planet over 1.8 billion miles away catalyze great change.

The effects of the Uranus Opposition are just as intense as the planet itself.

Uranus and moons
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What Uranus Opposition Looks Like

UO pushes women into a new chapter of life full force. It shakes our perception of how we should act and encourages us to take back our autonomy. UO doesn’t just create a new chapter in life. It helps create a new you.

This planet removes the filter from our eyes and mouth, allowing us to see and communicate with the world more clearly. Women typically gain more confidence and become more assertive during this time.

Moreover, this stage of life is when our perception maximizes. Life experience, paired with Uranus’ powerful energy, helps women quickly spot B.S. It would be unwise to try to pull one over on a woman in the throes of her UO.

Alternatively, this energy can manifest physically. Uranus’ unpredictable nature starts to affect cycle regularity. Additionally, this intense power surge can cause mood swings and hot flashes. The sudden burst of HD clarity also tends to cause sleeping problems.

How To Make The Most Out Of Opposition

UO can be a turbulent time. But it can also be productive. Capitalize on this energy by making new plans and setting new intentions. You are setting the stage to enjoy the second half of life on your terms.

During this time, you might notice aspects of your younger self bubbling to the surface. Old interests, dreams, or friends might return to your life. If they still bring you joy, this is the time to pursue them. If they don’t, you know to leave that extra baggage in the past.

The clinical term for UO is perimenopause. After UO, women will also experience Chiron Return and Second Saturn Return. The groundwork laid during the first stage will help ease the following two.

Uranus and menopause are both misunderstood. Change isn’t always a bad thing; it’s only different. With a slight shift in perspective, our fear can turn into exhilaration—and that makes the journey a hell of a lot more fun.

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