WWE Smackdown Top 5 Must See Moments and Full Results! Madison Square Garden

WWE Smackdown Madison Square Garden – Return For the first time since the COVID pandemic, Brock Lesnar performed a packed show. Brock Lesnar was back to face Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman. The Usos defend their tag teams titles against Street Profits. In a SummerslamIn a rematch, Edge & Seth Rollins battled in front of a packed NYC crowd. The result was an instant classic.

WWE Smackdown: 5 Must See Moments

Brock Lesnar challenges Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns and Bloodline kicked off Friday Nigth Smackdown at MSG in front of a huge crowd. Within minutes, Brock Lesnar’s music hit as he head to the ring to the roar of the crowd. Paul Heyman, Lesnar’s accuser, withheld his Summerslam appearance at Reigns. This caused the Bloodline and Bloodline to abandon the ring. Heyman tried to seduce Lesnar, which caused Brock to hang him on his shoulders to get an F5. Reigns ran back into the ring to attack Lesnar but Brock stopped him and defeated the Usos. It was one of the most memorable moments on WWE TV this year.

WWE Smackdown Top 5 Must See Moments and Full Results! Madison Square Garden

Sami Zayn trolls MSG
Sami Zayn wore a Knicks jersey before the massive 10-man tag began. Zayn stated that he invited a NY man who was familiar with winning in New York to join him before Atlanta Hawks star Trae young came to the ring. Young was an outstanding performer in the Hawks series victory over the Knicks earlier in the year. The crowd booed him loudly. The tag match was fun, but Young’s appearance took the headlines.

Signature of a contract
Sasha Banks stunned the WWE Universe by winning the title in 26 seconds at Summerslam. Belair has been pushing for the rematch since then, but Banks has been resistive. Banks were allowed to take the WWE Smackdown ring in the middle, much to the dismay of her crowd. Banks signed the contract and Belair smiled knowing that she had her rematch.

Instant Classic

Edge and Rollins clash
The instant classic that was Edge’s victory over Seth Rollins at WWE Summerslam last month was an amazing one. Both men delivered a great rematch. The match lasted almost 25 minutes and was one the best on WWE TV. Rollins took the win with a curb stomp. The action continued back and forth. Edge was taken to the side before the commercial breaks. This feud looks set to continue.

Demon Balor returns
WWE SmackdownMain event: The Street Profits were able to challenge The Usos for the title of tag team champion. Roman Reigns intervened and denied The Street Profits the title. After choking out Montez Ford, Reigns officially accepted Brock Lesnar’s challenge. Finn Balor played The Demon to close the show.

WWE Smackdown: Complete results

Big E, Rick Boogs Shinsuke Nakamura, Rey Mysterio, and Dominik Mysterio d. Apollo Crews Crews, Otis Crews, Robert Roode, and Dolph Ziggler, and Sami Zayn. Skim It, **

Seth Rollins d. Edge, You must-watch, ****1/4

The Street Profits d.The Usos, (DQ), Worth buying a watch, ***1/2

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