Wordle 215: What’s the word of today?

What were we really doing before Wordle?

After a Brooklyn-based software engineer created the word game, the viral sensation was instantly embraced by players around the world.

The game’s premise is simple. You have six chances to guess a five-letter word. Wordle offers colour-coded prompts which will guide you on your way.

Black square – The letter is not in black square

Yellow square – Correct letter in the wrong place

Green square – Correct letter, right location

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Today’s Wordle of the day is a bit different to the last few days – mainly because it includes two vowels, rather than one.

Wordle Answer 215 is “ROBOT”A machine that resembles a human being, capable of reproducing certain human functions and movements automatically.

Wordle 215: What's the word of today?

For those who didn’t guess today’s Wordle correctly, there’s always tomorrow. You could always open an Incognito tab for another chance.

It’s possible to try it yourself Here.

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