Women Who Survived Acid Attacks Model in a New Photo Shoot

Iranian women who have hidden their faces for far too long are now showing off more than their beauty — they are also exposing the scars left by acid attacks they have survived.

These women are modeling in a photo shoot for Amen Hadem, a fashion designer who believes women should be photographed. “have beauty beyond exterior looks,”She is using her platform as a way to raise awareness about a terrible crime.

Acid attacks can cause permanent disfigurement and pain to women and girls. Perpetrators want to cause permanent scarring to the victim, which is reportedly meant to make it difficult for her to find work or get into a loving relationship.  

Masumi Attaie was one of the women who suffered scarring from a corrosive substance that her father-in law tossed on her for divorcing her son. She is now an artist, and a sculptor.

Another model, Leyla Karibpur, doesn’t know why she was attacked outside of her workplace four years ago. She believes “the public has yet to accept my face.”

This could be changing now that Amen Hadem chose Masumi and Leyla to model her latest clothing line.

Hadem “We employ completely different female models to prove that the mere existence of women is beautiful enough.”

Action Aid reports that there are around 1,500 acid attacks annually, but many go unreported.

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