Women Accused of Murder for Hire Plot to kill estranged husband

Lindsay Shiver and Robert Shiver are described as being a “golden couple”. Lindsay and Robert Shiver met at Auburn University where Lindsay played basketball while Robert was a cheerleader. Football. Robert was drafted by the NFL and went on to sign with the Atlanta Falcons. The couple married and they had three kids.

“Life with you is never boring and I’m so grateful for you and our three beautiful boys,” Lindsay once said in a Father’s Day tribute.

The life of this seemingly perfect couple was shattered when Robert filed for divorce. divorceHe claimed that his wife had an affair with the 28-year old man whom she met at a bar. Bahamas. Lindsay’s divorce documents were filed the next day. She claimed to be a victim of domestic assault.

The Bahamian Police say Lindsay (36 years old) conspired together with Terrance Bethel (her alleged younger lover), to hire an assassin to kill her estranged spouse.

The police placed Lindsay and Bethel as well Bethel’s 29-year old friend Farin newbold under arrest in relation to the murder for hire plot.

Prison conditions in the prison that Lindsay was sent to after being charged are notoriously harsh. Her estranged partner reportedly said to authorities that he had no objections to Lindsay being released.

“Absolutely there is shock. People say they just cannot imagine how anything like this could happen in a family like that,”

Robert’s attorney did not respond to ’s requests for comment regarding Lindsay’s domestic abuse allegation.

In court papers, Lindsay says any other relationship she was in took place during the couple’s separation and was condoned by her estranged husband.

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