Woman wakes up from Coma to a Wedding Proposal

The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly shaken the world leaving millions devastated and recovering from the effects it caused. In a similar environment, Christine Smith has shared her spine-chilling story about how she was in a coma for a few days and woke up to a surprise proposal by her boyfriend.

Woman wakes up from Coma to a Wedding Proposal

Christine Smith was one of the victims to fall prey to the coronavirus and had her life turned around for the better or worse. Hailing from the UK, Christine was affected by the coronavirus during the recent wave that threatened the country.

Christine admits that she wasn’t aware of the possibility that she might have contracted the deadly virus. She narrated the horrifying incident as, “At first, I thought it was a chest infection, but I kept throwing up, and after a call to 111, they said go into a hospital. They did a test there and found out it was covid and admitted me.”

Fortunate enough to admit herself into the hospital, Christine was doing well during the initial four days of recuperation. But all of a sudden, everything began to spiral as she entered a sudden frenzy of negative reactions that her body exhibited. Knowing the urgency, the doctors rushed her to conduct immediate treatment warning that any delay could prove to be fatal.

Woman wakes up from Coma to a Wedding Proposal

She was kept in the Intensive Care Unit for days and her family was informed of the situation. She was also made to rely on a ventilator for respiration as she fell into a coma. Her family was requested to prepare for the worse as the condition was quite severe. They even tried making Christine’s mother talk on the phone hoping that her voice would wake her up.

After dreadful days in a coma, Christine suddenly woke up and was found shouting to phone her mother. Recovering from the miracle wasn’t the only good thing to happen that day as Chrisitnes’s boyfriend immediately proposed to her after the scare she gave everyone.

No one can ever imagine the plight of having to wait days to know if your loved one will make it back alive or not. But due to some form of supernatural miracle, Christine Smith successfully crossed the most traumatizing moment of her life and is now engaged to her boyfriend, planning for a wedding after she fully recovers.

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