Woman Shockingly Gave Birth To Another Man’s Child!! Viral

With the birth of his son, a man unwraps the truth that he is not genetically connected with the baby. However, the family insists that things are different from how they actually appear. 

Woman Shockingly Gave Birth To Another Man's Child!! Viral

Recently, hot news popped out surrounding Donna Johnson, that regarded her as an unfaithful woman. Though claimed to be loyal to her spouse, surprisingly she gave birth to another man’s baby. When the family carried out the 23andMe DNA test out of fun, the shocking fact popped out on the reports. 

Donna’s husband went into deep shock and was hurt by the revelation of the fact. The incident was something unimaginable for the man. However, later the real matter came to light. The incident was the output of an IVF mix-up as the couple had their second baby via IVF. Vanner revealed, “When I looked on that page and saw mom for him and found father unknown and I thought, what do you mean by father unknown?”

Medical staff revealed it was a very rare case when Donna’s egg was inseminated by a sperm that did not belong to her spouse. The couple took a breath of relief. However, they picked up the challenge to find the blood-related father of their little child. 

They chose the roads of DNA testing to find the biological father of the child. After a lot of hassle, the couple found Devin McNeil to be the actual dad of the young one. Devin and his wife Kelly McNeil, too, had in-vitro fertilization on the same day. However, the fact that turned out to be a shock for them was one of the babies was conceived through IVF, while the other naturally. 

Woman Shockingly Gave Birth To Another Man's Child!! Viral

While Donna and Vanner reside in Utah, the other couple lives in Colorado. So, the two families are trying to connect, through several measures like emails, meeting in person, and more. 

Vanner has still not coped up with the unexpected changes and his words appeared directionless. The new father expressed his feelings and said, “There were tons of emotional constraints, we had to work through them including parting with the love of our son which has not changed.” 

This incident has turned out to be a legal road and both the couples are opting for legal actions against the University of Utah Center for Reproductive Medicine for all the mess that happened. 

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