Willie Nelson struggling with health issues And fighting with his wife!

Please be concerned Willie Nelson‘s health and marriage are all over the tabloids but is any of it true? We’ve looked into several stories about the matter, so let’s see find out what’s the latest about the country singer’s health and personal life.

Willie Nelson’s Duet Partner Problem

The following is the September 2020 edition GlobeAn article in the magazine that claimed that Nelson was ready to perform a duet with Parton. The magazine actually stated that Nelson wanted to sing a duet with Parton one last time. “pleading” for the opportunity after repeated struggles with pneumonia and emphysema had him worried there wouldn’t be much time left. However, both Parton and Nelson’s wife, Annie D’Angelo, weren’t too thrilled about the idea. Parton noted that Nelson was a “very nice guy.” “so hard to sing with.” Regarding D’Angelo’s thoughts, an insider leaked that she wasn’t too “thrilled to see her husband lusting after Dolly.”

I was able quickly to debunk the narrative. First off, it’s impossible to imagine any strife between Nelson and Parton, as the two are seasoned professionals. Also, there was no evidence of Nelson’s attempt at a final duet besides the word of an unreliable insider, which can’t really be trusted coming from this tabloid.

Willie Nelson struggling with health issues And fighting with his wife!

Willie Nelson’s Last Ever Tour

The following July, National EnquirerAccording to the tabloid, Nelson was due to retire from touring because of his health problems. According to the tabloid, a source close enough to Nelson claimed that Nelson was going on tour for the last time in his career. “had bouts with emphysema,” This forced him to “cancel a slew of shoes because of the complication that comes with age.”

This narrative was actually plausible, unlike some tabloid narratives. But, Gossip CopHowever, it was proved incorrect. After the story was published, Nelson’s rep denied the report, so we don’t give it too much credit. Although he’s approaching his 90s, Nelson himself This was said in February? “Music is what I do, and retiring is something that I don’t even want to think about.”

Willie Nelson’s Partying Upsetting His Wife? 

The following month, the Globe claimed Annie D’Angelo had finally had it with her husband’s partying and “stoner antics.” Although the couple has been married for 30 years, D’Angelo was “tired of his partying and cannabis intake,” The source was leaked. D’Angelo’s last straw was after country star Kacey Musgraves shared the story of a wild night out with Nelson. Nelson has been known for being a party animal for many years. However, this anecdote may have driven his wife to her breaking point.

The narrative that Nelson is out of control and only focused on partying despite his health concerns wasn’t one The purchase was made. Nelson is clearly capable of making his own choices. With that, Nelson has been a known cannabis advocate for years, so it’s unlikely it just now is causing problems in his marriage.

It’s no secret Nelson is getting up there in age. But still, the tabloids’ reports of him struggling with his health are based on little to no evidence. Nelson seems to be just fine. Recent performances in Austin a few weeks back, I was singing as well as ever.

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