Will There Be The Affair Season 6? Is The Release Date Out?

The Affair, an American television drama series created by Hagai Levi and Sarah Treem, captivated audiences with its exploration of truth, desire, and the human condition. With a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim, viewers have been eagerly anticipating news about a potential sixth season. In this article, we delve into the current status of The Affair and examine the possibilities for a continuation of the series.

The Affair Season 6 Release Date: Will There Be The Affair Season 6?

The Affair Season 6 release date

Unfortunately, we must deliver disappointing news to fans of The Affair. In July 2018, Showtime announced that the fifth season would be the show’s final installment. While not a cancellation, it was a planned conclusion to the series as envisioned by Sarah Treem, the show’s co-creator. As a result, there will not be a sixth season of The Affair. The fifth and final season aired its last episode on November 3, 2019.

The Affair Plot Recap:

The Affair centered around the lives of Noah Solloway and Alison Lockhart, who embarked on an extramarital affair that had far-reaching consequences. The series delved into their perspectives as well as those of their respective partners, Helen and Cole. The narrative explored themes of love, loss, betrayal, and the complexities of human relationships. Tragic events, criminal investigations, and the passage of time all played significant roles in the evolving storyline.

The Final Season:

In the fifth and final season, Noah and Helen find themselves bonding while preparing for their daughter Whitney’s wedding. The season introduced Joanie, Alison’s daughter, as she seeks to uncover the truth behind her mother’s mysterious death.

The Affair Season 6 Cast Members:

The Affair boasted a talented ensemble cast that brought the characters to life throughout its run. Dominic West portrayed Noah Solloway, Ruth Wilson portrayed Alison Lockhart, Maura Tierney portrayed Helen Butler, and Joshua Jackson portrayed Cole Lockhart. Additional notable cast members included Anna Paquin as Joanie Lockhart, Irène Jacob as Juliette Le Gall, Omar Metwally as Vik Ullah, and many others who contributed to the compelling narrative.


While The Affair garnered critical acclaim and a devoted fan following over its five-season run, the show concluded with its final season. Showtime confirmed that the fifth season marked the natural ending point envisioned by the show’s co-creator, Sarah Treem. Although hopes for a sixth season may be dashed, fans can reflect on the thought-provoking exploration of love, truth, and the complexities of human connections that the series provided. The legacy of The Affair will endure through its memorable characters and impactful storytelling.

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