Will There Be Attack the Block 2? Release Date and Updates on the Highly Anticipated Sequel

Fans of the science fiction comedy horror film Attack the Block have been eagerly awaiting news about the long-awaited sequel, Attack the Block 2. After over ten years since the release of the original film, director Joe Cornish and star John Boyega are set to return for the highly anticipated follow-up. While details have been scarce, recent interviews have shed some light on the progress of the project. Here’s what we know so far:

Confirmation of John Boyega’s Return:

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It has been confirmed that John Boyega, who played the lead role of Moses in the first film, will reprise his role in Attack the Block 2. Boyega, who has since become an international movie star with roles in Star Wars and other major productions, started his career with Attack the Block. His involvement in the sequel is highly anticipated by fans.

Joe Cornish’s Role as Writer-Director:

Director Joe Cornish, who helmed the first film, will return to write and direct Attack the Block 2. Cornish’s unique blend of comedy, horror, and social commentary made the original film a hit among audiences and critics alike. Fans can expect his signature style to continue in the sequel.

Will there be Attack the Block 2? Development and Production Details:

Attack the Block 2 is currently in development, with Boyega’s production company, UpperRoom Productions, partnering with Film4 and Studiocanal. While the exact plot details have not been revealed, Cornish has mentioned that the sequel will focus on an older version of Moses, now in his 30s. He described the film as a coming-of-age story, exploring another pivotal moment in Moses’s life.

Research and Realism:

Cornish and Boyega are dedicated to making Attack the Block 2 as authentic and true to life as possible. They have conducted extensive research and collaborated with real-world experts to ensure the film’s details and realism. By intersecting the characters’ lives with those of people in the real world, they aim to merge reality with sci-fi fantasy seamlessly.

Attack the Block 2 Release Date and Expectations:

While an official release date for Attack the Block 2 has not been announced yet, fans can rest assured that the project is progressing. Cornish emphasized that they are taking their time to get the sequel exactly right. Given the dedication to quality and the complex nature of production, it is expected that the film’s release may still be some time away. However, the wait is likely to be worth it for fans eagerly anticipating the continuation of the beloved franchise.

In the meantime, fans can enjoy Joe Cornish’s most recent project, Lockwood and Co., which was released on Netflix today and is available to stream. As news about Attack the Block 2 continues to emerge, fans can look forward to more updates on the highly anticipated sequel, including an official release date and further details about the story and cast.

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