Will Smith’s Advice to Arnold Schwarzenegger When He Was Trying to Get More Famous Than Tom Cruise

Will Smith's Advice to Arnold Schwarzenegger When He Was Trying to Get More Famous Than Tom Cruise

There are some celebrities that are so well known and ingrained in pop culture that it’s tough to remember a time when they weren’t a household name. Will Smith is one of these celebrities, being one of the most recognized Black actors in the globe and a loved face in Hollywood. Even though Will Smith is not the most well-known Black actor in the world, he is a beloved face in Hollywood. I Am Legend star wasn’t always the icon he is today, it sounds like he always had high ambitions for his career as he set his sights on becoming more famous than Tom Cruise. Evidently Smith received some important career adviceHelp him on his journey with the help of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the world-famous action star.

You don’t really need any proof of Will Smith’s gravity in our culture other than the fact that his new memoir is simply titled “Will”It’s all there, and it doesn’t need any other emphasis to show us who it is about. His new memoir is vividly and shockingly insightful into Smith’s life and mind, and in (via) InsiderThe star tells one story about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s advice to him when he asked for help in surpassing Tom Cruise as a star. It is to see his career from a global perspective and not just domestic success. Here it is exactly how it’s written in The revealing memoir:

Your movies only succeed in America are not enough to make you a movie star. You won’t be a movie superstar if everyone in the world knows who you are. You must travel all over the world, touch every face, and kiss every child. You can think of yourself as a politician trying to win the title of Biggest Movie Star.

I mean, that’s some pretty solid advice from someone who has dominated multiple industries and has actually been a whole governor of one of the biggest states. Arnold Schwarzenegger was once a world champion bodybuilder and is now a governor of one of the largest states. The iconic action starSchwarzenegger rose from governor of California to now being a successful businessman. Some people are fortunate enough to rise to the top in one industry during their lives. Schwarzenegger has done that and is now able to spend his free time. Chilling out with his farm animals peacefully.

It would appear that it was also advice well taken. Will Smith is an international celebrity who demands respect and is able to engage in other industries and ventures. His memoir is just one example. It might also seem that the Bel-Air’s Fresh Prince star hasn’t stopped looking to Tom Cruise for feats to match or beat. Because he just recently You can copy one of the Mission: Impossible star’s famous stunts by chilling on top of the world’s largest building.

Even though both stars have certainly cemented their name in Hollywood’s history, Will Smith and Arnold Schwarzenegger are both still making plenty of films. Arnold Schwarzenegger plans to reprise some of his iconic roles for upcoming revivals. TripletsAnd The Legend of Conan. Will Smith can be seen in King RichardAs it is released to theaters and HBO Max this Week on November 19th. Hancock 2, Bad Boys 4And Bright 2.

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